Monday, January 17, 2011

Finishing Projects and Falling Behind

Hey Kids, Here's Finish #13
The Buckster:
I am a little behind with the posting but I'm still finishing something everyday!
And I'm even doing it on a road trip.
(sorry, can't help it, I'm impressed with myself about that one!)
This deer is a modified Jam Fancy lamb pattern  from the Puchi Collective.
He was made from camel wool felt from a blazer and was 90% done for 14 months or so.
How do these things happen? I must be easily distracted!
Next post should be my catch up post for the stuff I finished on the road.
Finish A Day! 
Whoo Hooo!


KC said...

I get more impressed by this project every day. Not only are you sticking with it, but the things you are completing are completely adorable!

kristin said...

you completely astonish me with all this action bethany!! you're motivating me to finish up some dead beat projects. happy road trip!!

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