Sunday, March 19, 2006

Springy crafty stuff

Well, I am now playing with yarn..

I don’t crochet.. No knitting..
but I have more pom-poms than
a short bus full of cheerleaders.

These critters are quick and fun to make.
I got the idea from my obnoxious/obssessive library of old Martha Stewart Living mags.

Fuzzy yarn trimmings get everywhere because the real trick is shaping the poms with nice sharp scissors.
One last Pom..

If you go to my flicker photos you can see my little sheep. A bit harder than the others but well worth is.. There is felt sewn around pipe cleaners for the legs, and his head is a pom of half black cotton yarn, half curly mohair yarn and then trimmed relentlessly.

I doubt the pom pom obsession will wear off before the spring holidays. I do so love a “single sitting” craft. Instant gratification is the opiate of the working mother.

Can’t wait to plop these darlins into an Easter Basket or two.. In fact I might sponsor my first craft swap ( so I can get a couple of these fuzz buckets in the hands of the craft faithful.. Fuzzy toys and chocolate..That is what I’m talking about ..

Damn is it spring yet?

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