Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thrift Tuesday: Made In Japan and Made by Hand

Here is what I have been thrifting up lately.

Vintage ornaments and baubles and gee gaws. Lord, where is my hot glue gun?

These are begging for up-cycling. Re-glittering. Joy to the world.

I just need to work on the housekeeping end a few more days. Then I'll get out the gift wrap and bits to make better bits. Gift-worthy bits. Inspirational bits.

Oh, Change of Subject!
Hey... Anyone want to come to my book signing in Tuolumne County?
It's Saturday, at Lunchtime at the Mountain Bookshop in East Sonora.
There's nothing like signing books in the town you grew up in...( She says like she even knows when this is her first- EVER!)
I wonder if I'll see any long lost pals?


Advent day 3:
Go Ahead and Stock Up.
Buying gift and thrift puts us ahead of the game.


Kristin L said...

Wait, what?! Book?! When did I miss that big announcement? I'm not anywhere near Tuolomne, but congrats on publishing book!

barbara said...

I just found your blog through Julie at Jane's Apron and am enjoying it so much. The advent calendar is wonderful - thanks!

Jennifer said...

Holy Smokes! How did I totally miss the book thing? I see I'm not the only one. Jeez Louise. SO exciting, SO going down to the local indie to ask 'em to order it up. A zillion handmade congratulations to you and your sister~~~

Deb said...

Um I'm like the others... a book? where?? let me at it!! come on spill the beans! My credit card is poised....

sulu-design said...

I'd LOVE to be at your book signing (and I actually knew you'd been published!). Now for the plane ticket...

ambika said...

These pics actually make me anticipate the holidays!

& congrats re: the book!

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