Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musing about Meet-Ups.

First Things First:
Karen... you're the winner! 
You get a genuine Utili-Obi. 
Please send me your address!

Karen was the first to correctly guess who was in the photo with me:
It's Dorie from Tumbling Blocks! 
( Please note: Dorie requested that we pose properly as demonstrated here.)

We had a fantastic meet up in Japantown in San Francisco a week ago and we just happened to be there for the Cherry Blossom Festival which was much more fantastically chaotic than the name would imply.

   ( random costumed gentlemen who were happy to pose- pretty sure this is cactaur from Final Fantasy and a white batty thing I don't recognize...)

There were actually quite a bit of folks dressed up in Anime and video game inspired outfits, as well as quite a few ladies dressed in the gothic lolita genre.

I was so thrilled to get to meet Dorie because Tumbling Blocks has been one of my long term, must read blogs.
And she made that paper doll sweater and wore it to the meet up just like I was reeeallly hoping she would!

We both started blogging a few years ago and have had similar interests, in fact we have even been in a couple of "Pretty Little" books together... except she can knit and has actually really quilted and can write code. ( Which makes her somewhat of a hero of mine.)

We poured over the craft books at Kinokuniya for what would have been far too long for mere mortals and  both bought a fashion book by the same author, sort of like sewing soul mates.

Had a blast, wish she lived closer!

This is actually the second bloggy meet up I have had in the last month. I also got to meet a blog buddy in Hawaii too!

Kristin LaFlamme was kind enough to wait around as we stumbled our way through Honolulu looking for the World's Greatest Shave Ice place.

Now Kristin found her way into my heart during KnitSonya's mushroom swap when I found her via the Flickr group when she made THIS:

I know.. Unbelievably cute huh? I got one of hers and she got one of mine and boom: Internet friends.

These days Kristin is dominating the world of marbling on fabric, and in the mean time was kind enough to wait for us and bring us the biggest bag of treats for our plane ride home. (BTW Red Coconut Ball Candies are like bite sized macaroons from paradise! They would make really cute cupcake embellishment!)

These experiences are leading me to tell you all something Very Important:
If you get a chance to meet someone you like and admire out there in Blogland:
Do It!
If you are going to a town/city/ general vicinity where one of your blogland friends live,
Email them!
Meet up!
It is fun!
I know you probably feel a little shy but, it will be fine!
It is a chance to me another kindred spirit, face to face.
Odds are definitely in your favor that you will like each other in real life too!

Thanks Dorie and Kristen for the great meet ups. Awesome on the internets+Extra Awesome IRL.


angelina said...

oh, i'd love to browse thru that book with a cuppa.....

dorie said...

oh yes, nothing but encouragement on the blog reachout.

kristin said...

blog friend meet-ups are the best!! and what make this all come together...i loved hearing about your encounters.


If you haven't already you must check out CS5... you can create web pages without knowing code. Save your precious brain space for what you do best... creating super cute and cool things and stuff!!!!

mimi k said...

I so completely agree with you- meeting blog friends is incredible! All that awkward explaining what you do/ what you care about is already taken care of. It is always the highlight of a trip if I get to have a meet-up. Minneapolis, here I came :-)

Sara said...

What fun! I love that sweater, too--brilliant idea. If I ever turn into an adequate knitter--Ok, when I do!--I will remember that one!

Kristin L said...

So sorry I'm late to the comment party, but YES! Bloggy meet-ups are great! It was wonderful to meet you in person and you are every bit as clever and charming in real life as you are on your blog. I was exceptionally lame in forgetting to bring my camera altogether. the shave ice was tasty though! I even went as far as to try the Li Hing Mui flavor at Matsumoto's when we went there the following week, since you said you tried it and didn't die. I liked it much better than the Li Hing snack somethings I had eaten elsewhere. Glad you liked the coconut balls. :-)

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