Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

cacklin' jack 

I am about to go style my son's curly hair to a straight swept style and darken his eyebrows to complete his transformation into Carl Sagan.
He's already brainstorming for his Ira Glass costume for next year, practicing his significant pauses.
Are we a tad geeky? Perhaps.

I don't really have a costume this year or any plans. Must be the Monday-ness of it all. Might gather up some witch wear or paint my face like a sugar skull.. ( It's a big trend this year!)

Anyhoo, I hope you get all the spooky and the candy you desire!
I hope to be poking my head up a bit more through the festivity months...
Can't wait to see what you have been up to!

Boo, ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Carl Sagan? Awesome! And Ira Glass next year please! Geeky is good.

= )

jungle dream pagoda said...

Yay your back!!!!
Ira Glass? Awesome-tastical!!!

Adaiha said...

Carl Sagan! Awesome! :)

Jenifir said...

Carl Sagan is a fantastic costume! Did he practise: "billions and billions of starstuff"?
My 14 yr. old went as a 'nerd' -I don't think that he had anyone in particular in mind.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

He did! It was great. He was a huge hit with over 40 set!

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