Saturday, March 04, 2006

moving blog arenas

Well I tried to get an iLife with my marvelous new Mac but my pal Michelle ( Green Kitchen) said'

"Why are you doing it that way?" Umm.. no one can leave comments."

and later..

"I liked your post... but I am waiting for the comments."

SO I am shedding my craft blog limitations and moving.
Apparently comments are oh so VERY important
(and frankly blogging without them is a bit like singing in the shower,
you might sound fantastic but only those closest to you will ever appreciate your talent.)

So, Comment all you want.. I will craft more.

1 comment:

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

welcome - found you through michelle at green kitchen - i am new to this too, but already having fun. good luck, i like your style and your willingness to poke fun at a cheerleader....

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