Friday, August 25, 2006

wip it up into a frenzy

Here is a big batch of stringless gift tags almost ready to be sold..
Silly, fluffy, glittery, fun stuff.. soon off to a bookshop..
I hope, I hope...

What I am really working at are the Etsy photos of the finished necklaces,
which I have been taking and retaking then reformatting.
I am hoping my little Etsy store will be looking much more lush by Monday.
But what with tomato picking and end of summer beach parties coming up this weekend,
I will have to keep cranking tonight to make that happen.

And I still need a decent banner.. Maybe that will be my Sunday project.
(hands rubbing gleefully together...)


laura capello said...

Now I'm really jealous. You got to play with glitter!

tiffini elektra x said...

Hiya! Hope you are having a fabulous week! Just found your etsy store and snagged that fabulous robot box! I am so excited! ♥

Angelina said...

I love those gift tags! Are the butterflies made of paper of feathers? They look really cool.

Anonymous said...

beautiful tags!!! :)

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