Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Vintage # 2: The Sleeveless Over- Blouse

Here is Pattern # 2

Made from a discontinued Freespirit the 40% off table a Beverly's. When you are doing your first projects with a new pattern.. It never hurts to test it on the cheap stuff.

I had to modify this one quite a bit.
The trick with these vintage patterns, especially anything that is fitted like this, is how you
do the fittings.
Remember: Basting and pinning are your friends.

When I first tried this on ( semi finished) I was less than thrilled.
It was too loose, like a cotton box.
I liked the way the fabric extended on the shoulders so left those alone,
but the rest was not the modish house wife chic I was a-lookin' for.
However, it was early in the game so I took it off,
put it back on inside out and pinned at the front and side seams, until the fabric was more under control.
Then I VERY Carefully (it is full o' pins, on the inside!) turned it right side out and retried.
Hope! Excitement renewed! It looks better!!!

Back to the machine, seam seam seam. ( another try on.. mucho improved..) Then clipping seams, pressing them in, finishing the hems and seams, More Obsessive Pressing and Voila! Blouse Joy.

( In the bad light and underwear situation I was in, I did not feel compelled to take pics. Now I am sorry. But not that sorry.)
( I promise a fitting tutorial Very Soon.)

One last shot: fully accessorised....

We have other people who are doing this project too! Angelina is rocking the vintage pattern photos and getting herself ready to play. Michelle showed me her future project and has already made the CUTEST skirts. The Lovely Violette Crumble has a whole wardrobe in the planning stages..

So I started a Flickr Group.

New Vintage Wardrobe!

Hey! Come play with us!


Anonymous said...

you are too cute for words!!...i think the lawnmower shot could put power mowers out of business. who would opt for some oily gas powered thing when you can be so dazzling pushing a rotary with your red shoes on!! :)

this post reeeeeeally makes me wish i could sew with a machine. can i still join your flickr group with just some patterns to share? patterns i have...

did i forget to mention that i just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blouse?

Sonya said...

You are so cute I can hardly stand it. Your photo sessions - you just have too much fun. I love this vintage wardrobe project.

Angelina said...

You're killing me! Why oh why did we not meet years ago when I lived in the Bay Area and was doing this very thing wishing for others to join me? (I knew others making vintage styles, but they were too caught up in being "historically" correct and kind of forgot to have fun.

You totally hit the main issue with using ANY patterns: fit. You have to make adjustments to every single pattern you use. It takes more time but the results (as you have illustrated) are much more satisfying.

You look fantastic, and I love the blouse.

futuregirl said...

Your photo shoot is AMAZING. You are freaking adorable and that shirt is so cute. Your little basket is wonderful. I totally imagine your fluffy little rabbit friend is in there taking a nap. And later, when he wakes up, you'll both skip into the forest and have wonderful adventures. But you'll be back just in time for dinner, and no one the wiser. :)

PamKittyMorning said...

You are so darling!

laura capello said...

and don't you look ever so sassy with those red shoes too!

love you shirt, and it's very flattering. cotton boxes are not.

Blaize said...

The lawnmower photo is klassic with a "k." I don't know why with a "k." Let's just go with it, shall we?

Me and Him said...

Love the top, the red shoes and the lawnmower shot.

Anonymous said...

Great job!I'm way too chicken to try and sew something human size.

Anonymous said...

First, in light of my recent sewing experience, I think that all patterns, new or vintage, probably need futzing with. I just had an eureka moment with that. Becoming a parent and doing lots of hanging around the pool or dance class or whatever has made it crystal clear that everyone is built differently. Obvious? Right? But I think I'd have had a happier life if I had figured that out 30 years ago. But I've been a lot more self-satisfied these last 8 or so years since I noticed that. So the only way a garment is going to fit you perfectly is if you have the same shape as whatever form they used. Maybe the only reason that clothes shopping thrives is because when you buy it off the rack you don't know what it is supposed to look like. Enough of my philosophical drivel.
Your shirt is divine. What makes it an "over-blouse"...she wonders? I love the slits. They aren't apparent in the pattern drawings. Did ya add them?

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Thanks everyone for all the great comments.

Old Round: The slits were extended by shortening the hem on the original pattern. Pant waists are too low right now not to lengthen and I had to make the slits longer to acccomodate my "hip to waist ratio".

( and I think it becomes an overblouse because you wouldn't tuck it in.)

Claire said...

Holy smokes, you are my hero. I love that shirt!! Sigh, I so wish I could find a vintage patternin my size. But I tons of little girls patterns, so my munchkin will reap the benefit of the cool clothes out there!

Anonymous said...


PĂ©itseoga said...

It's gorgeous!
I like your attitude to patterns

Anonymous said...

I'm so not the first to say this. . . but it bears repeating: HOW FREAKIN' CUTE ARE YOU?? I adore the whole post! And the one below... lucky Jenny!

Anyhow, off to link your vintage self so I don't miss any more of your sewing hi-jinx!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Lovin' the pictoral,when I get around to completing my oldest babys dress,I will join in!

deb said...

you are so dang cute! And I'm lovin not only the blouse but the adorable basket you're carrying!

BrownPants said...

Great top and photo shoot!
I love that you're mowing...hahahaha!

LBP said...

I just finished making that exact blouse! I found the pattern in a salvage store for .25. I made mine with some vintage fabric that was orange and green with "deer" on it. (kinda weird)
Mine had short sleeves.

Terri said...

Cute blouse!

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