Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WIP Wednesday: Pre-Show Scramble

Oh. My. God.
What. A. Mess

C is 4 Craft

Downtown, Santa Cruz, CA.
Friday Night.
Cooper Street... across from Annie Glass.

I promise to only bring the good stuff and leave the mess at home.


Wende said...

Oh! I wish I could be there... have fun and happy selling. :D

nancy said...

that looks like a PILE OF AWESOME, not a mess at all. good luck on Friday! i will be sending lots of happy vibes (not that you'll need them, with all of that darling crafty goodness)

Alex said...

That guy still naked?
Nice prospective ;)

Keri said...

LOVE the little naked guy!!! Let him be free. He doesn't need the constraints/conformity of modern clothing! lol

Oh and thanks for the flower tutorial. They look very Anthropologie - I'm trying to figure out what to put them on!!!

Maddie, of course! said...

Oh man!... that looks like so much fun! I am a teaching tonight.. Sublime Embroidery, it should be lots of fun. I am thinking of going out and looking for a pair of jeans to embelish!


2begin2 said...

Ok, I've been lurking way too long here I have to break the silence! I saw you the other day coming out of TJs as I was walking in and I almost screamed out "BITTER BETTY!" but couldn't get myself to. I even stopped myself at the door, made myself turn around, took a deep breath and still couldn't call for your attention! How lame, huh?
Gotta drop by on friday night to see the wonderful things!

sweetfigs said...

Will ya put some pants on that guy already!

Have fun at the show. Too bad it's not closer to me.

Danielleorama said...

BREATHE.....oo[s i forgot to breathe
x__x eep, cant wait to see ya and all your wonderful creations!

jungle dream pagoda said...

Have a lovely show!
your stuff looks intriguing!

Sonya said...

But what a wonderful mess. We're planning on heading down. Imminently.

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