Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Turning 40 Looks Like

my sisters

self portrait on public transport




Beautiful Ladies who came out to play

and gifted me with vintage fabric

and dark chocolate espresso caramels.
Thanks so Much !!

And dinner just for grown ups

I had the best time.

I'll get to Portland someday soon.
But this day was fun and sweet, even staying close to home.


Heidi Ann said...

Happy birthday, Bethany!! So glad you had a wonderful time!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Love those cupcakes especially that cutie baby cupcake.
Best wishes & many happy returns!

lsaspacey said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm right behind you, I have four months to go.

And I knew I recognized that baby!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! it was an honor and a pleasure for me and HMB to spend some of it with you.

deena said...

Happy Birthday!

Green Kitchen said...

Looks like a good time. Glad it worked out.

sulu-design said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad that you had a good time staying close to home, and more glad to hear that you'll still make it to Portland one day...
P.S. Forty looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I'm jealous you got to meet Nancy & Miss S!

gussied up said...


Happy belated birthday! You'll get to Portland, I know it! Your bedroom is still one of the most popular pages on my blog with about 50 hits/day (which is good for my little blog) just for your page alone. I think you're rad and I hope you had a great day!

All the best,


Sonya said...

Happy blelated Birthday BB. Sorry I couldn't be there to celebrate it with you. Looks like a grand cupcake-filled tine was had by all.

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