Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrift Thursday With a great Big Thanks

My new toy...

I am long over due for sharing some serious Blove (you know blove right?... Blog+Love= blove)
Last summer I got to have an amazing day with other bloggers, most whom I knew pretty well from swaps or their close proximity...
But there was another blogger who I did know of (her blog, Scissors Paper Glue , is just lovely) but hadn't made that extra connection with. That day she was so nice and open and fun and it turned out I knew her sister from a favorite crafting experience . It was so fantastic to get to know her better.
She inspired Jacob and shared her camera with him. She was so kind.

He instantly became interested in Polaroid and I found one for him (not as photogenic as mine though...) an he got it for his birthday.

She sent him a birthday present too. Precious discontinued Polaroid film. And a beautiful Polaroid that she took. But above all she gave the present of showing a young man the kind artistic respect that can only inspire, not just creativity but something more...
"But, Mom," he said, " We only met her Once! Why is she so Nice?!"

And she sent a present for me.

It now hangs where I can see it every day and it makes me so Happy.

But that wasn't all. She also wrote a post that made my week and his week too.

Jen, you are so very special. I am so glad we met!


ittybittyandpretty said...

being new to this blogging game i cant get over how kind people, strangers, are! it is almost like an ego boost when you log on and find a comment on your post. i must admit i dont have many people reading my blog but the few that do make me feel so good.
enjoy your sweet gifts from a sweet spirit. xx rosey

Anonymous said...

i've been missing your blove darilng
hope your doing well and as always i love reading your entries

Anonymous said...

That is so lovely! Things like that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
Your son looks thrilled with his gift!

jen v said...

coming out of my shell to say thank you for this. it made my day. i adore you and jake and am so happy to have you as my pals.

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