Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Modern Architecture Dollhouse

I love this pretty house- on- stilts.
It looks like it popped off the pages of Dwell Magazine.

(click on photo to enlarge)

Oh, will somebody build me this doll house?
And an extra room on my real house for all my toys?
I know this is a bit of a cheater tutorial. Offering only plans, and not even original plans at that... ( Sunset Books, 1973)

But if there is a chance that just one person might make this dollhouse, and might send me photos so I can live vicariously...it is worth my questionable blog habits.
Until that time, Please do forgive me.

Your Devoted Playmate,


aniexma said...

It is indeed very spiffy!

Check out this blog:


it might appeal.

Brook said...

Oh I would love love love that doll house!

goosefairy said...

When you get it can I come over to play? I LOVE this!

vespabelle said...

In the late 1950s/early 1960s, Sunset magazine would publish a doll house plan in their section of Christmas gifts to make. I have two issues with these doll houses. They are super mod and cool. One is a revolving octagonal house.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather made me the revolving octagonal house. I still own it, with all the furnishings! It's pretty fabulous...

Anonymous said...

My grandfather made me the revolving octagonal house. My grandmother made most of the furnishings. Complete w gold fish pond, hanging fireplace, 1959. Just got it down from the garage to "refurbish" for my grandchildren. Best memory of childhood, can't wait to pass it on.

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