Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrift Thursday: Wait Until You See

It was pretty chock a block with Springy Holiday Goodness at the thrift store.
I got vintage-y blossoms, great crown lace, a chipped up, egg shaped bunny matroshka doll (destined for a refinish, random, tiny, wooden Easter-y charms), baskets, a bag, a set of rosette irons, a pie crimper, a vintage table cloth and a lamb cake mold.

Today I tried the cake mold out:

Behold: Naked Lamb Cake!

Since the face got a bit crumbly, I guess I'll have to frost it. 
( I am trying to resist because frosted cakes aren't part of my commitment to clean up my mid-section)
But it is cute, like a little cake-y sculpture.

I'll frost it and give it to a friend.
Because it's about process, not just product.


Stickyknitter said...

oh, I love looks just like my little newborn lambs I used to have when I was younger.....hardly any fur and covered in amniotic fluid. I know it seems weird but I love spring!
Happy Spring Beth!
p.s. My word verification is "coatt" --how fitting is that?

Jennifer said...

I will never forget the time that I coworker and I were waxing rhapsodic about lamb cakes, and our beloved memories of them. A guy had been listening and finally said, "a CAKE made out of LAMB? That could be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of!" -- and after we stopped laughing we 'splained what lamb cake REALLY is. When I was little, we used to be able to buy lamb-shaped butter at the grocery store this time of year, and I actually found my own lamb butter mold a few years ago. (I see it's still available:

Meanwhile, how's the Christmas craft thing working for you?

pinksuedeshoe said...

I had to laugh out loud at "Naked Lamb Cake" I don't know why, but it has kept me in giggles for the last at least 45 minutes. Thanks for the good laugh! And happy you had such a great thrifting day!

Helen said...

oh that is just too cool! I love that cake!

woolywoman said...

just eat the head first!

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