Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year


My friend Blaize has a January thing where she does something for 30 days. (31 days?)
Meg is taking a picture everyday for a year.

I'm going to play along with both. I'm doing 30 days of "finishing stuff".
Today I'm finishing an embroidery piece I started in July...

Tomorrow, I'll post it.

I tried  a 365 project before, but it was all self portraits.
Maybe I'll get closer this year?
Here's to that hope that springs eternal! 
Let's make some Big Plans, People!


Julia said...

Sounds like fun. Good luck!

kristin said...

i have trouble committing to doing something every day for a year. i'm amazed at all those who can. can't wait to see all the finished pieces. Happy new Year sweetheart!! xx

Sonya Philip said...

Happy New Year Bethany!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Happy NY

Rockabilly Gypsy said...

oh my friend Penny is doing the photo thing! I love it!

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