Monday, November 21, 2011

Whoa! Thanksgiving is This Week!

Howdy Faithful Readers!

I have been gratefully working on some new crepe "forced bulb" creations and plugging away at the annual Pre Tree Cleaning Spree. I made applesauce from great local apples, finished a couple of orders for the Iron Dog and

I find myself  still in denial about the the rapidly winding down Fall!

I'm going to do a little catch up on my gratitude list:

4: Yummy fall produce. Winter Squash and greens, apples, beets, leeks, potatoes, clementines... I just love them all.
5: Hiking the steep muddy trail with my dog and friend. This makes the pie possible and just last week we even helped a lost, shirtless, shoeless guy (8 AM, in the 40's temp wise) find a friendly ranger. Good deed before breakfast.
6: Good Thrift. Oh My Goodness! 2 great lengths of vintage holiday print  for  $3.50.
7: Bleach. I know it's evil. But it saved the awesome fabric mentioned above.

8: Creative time. I am so lucky to get as much as I do.
9: My Pets. I spend time every morning in a big pile of my fur friends, enjoying my first cup of coffee.
10: Coffee. Can you be grateful and addicted at the same time? I say YES!
11: All my sisters. Blood and otherwise. You know who you are and without you I'd be lost. LOST!
12:  Casey and Rae at the Iron Dog. Seriously, with out you, my creativity would lack an outlet! Thanks for your support and encouragement.

 13: I am grateful for the motivation of a deadline. I hope it makes me into a wildly productive and jolly person for the next few weeks. I have lots of fun tucked in and am excited to be spending Thanksgiving with my wonderful Grandma and Baby Linnea (and the rest of my family too!)

A little "No Thanks" for my dead computer, but hey.. with a little miracle I'll get what I need off of the hard drive and keep moving forward.

Thanks for Reading!!



Anonymous said...

Good to see you again! LOVE love love your new forced bulb creations. I have my box of crepe and wire and tape, but nothing to show for it from your last daffodils. I can't believe you made snowdrops too! You rock. = )

Dorian Fletcher said...

I guess my sister and I will have to make a post-Thanksgiving trip to Niles to see what you've made for the Iron Dog!

Regina said...

Great list!! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Becca@Tree Removal Melbourne said...

Sounds like you have a nice Thanksgiving week ahead of you. Hope you feel better and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jeans Manufacturer in Pakistan said...

Apart of thanksgiving, have you taken snaps or shared from some source, they are simply amazing if its your own photography,

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