Friday, January 23, 2015

Some Thoughts On Bravado

 Promises, Promises 2014-Bethany Carlson Mann
 Photo by Bari Lee    Models: Kelsey McNickle and the incomparable L.B. as the ringbearer

bra·va·do (brəˈväˌdō/) noun
a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate
synonyms:boldness, swaggering, bluster

I am a big fan of bravado. It is a technique I currently apply as a matter of course. There are things in this life that all the confidence in the world can not prepare you for. 

Loss. Divorce. Death. Trauma. Vulnerability.

Bravado keeps the house clean, gets the bills paid, when the future is uncertain. Bravado picks out the high heels. Says yes to the first "first date" in 23 years. And when that sucks... it says yes to the next "first date" too. Bravado introduces herself. Bravado is optimistic. Pulling up her skirt and climbing the fences. Bravado doesn't intend to be left behind. Bravado says "If we win, we win... and if we lose, it will be a great story."

Bravado is created. It kicks in on minute 27 of a dance party for one that you are throwing  for yourself while your heart is breaking. Created when you hold your nose and jump and survive. It's Pluck and Gumption. It's not a facade, but a foundation.

I have heard the term False Bravado but can there be such a thing as Non False Bravado?
Isn't the nature of bravado a boldness for show? For effect? Isn't that by it's very nature a falsehood?

There are things you can't be certain of. There are things you have to say "Hell Yes"  to that might end in tears. If you say confidence, I say confidence is a russe. You can't have enough proof of your own skill and smarts to dance with every demon with true Confidence. But you can have enough Bravado. For me bravado isn't about impressing others. It's about impressing upon myself that the fear of trying Must Not trump the fear of not trying. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Is that confidence? Or bravado?

We won't get out of this unscathed. Fact is, we won't get out of this alive. Bravado makes the most of the time we get. So put on your lipstick...and live with bravado.

All my Love, kittens, 


Jennifer said...

I've always thought of you, in this cyberistic way that I've come to know you, as representing all the very best kind of bravado. I am concerned for you/with you/about you and want to support your journey, however the path may be reshaping.... You are magnificent.

futuregirl said...

Hell. Yes.

MissesStitches said...

Very well, said! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous words to live by.

Christine said...

BRA-VO lady!

Christine said...

BRA-VO lady!

Kerri said...

Hell Yes!

Recent quote I saw - "I've never met a strong person with an easy past".

Bravado to me is a willingness to make a decision, to be wrong, to leap and hope the net will appear. But sprawling on the ground with you panties in the air builds grace and character too!
I hope you continue to blog and share your thoughts!

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