Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scrappy and happy but still buying

Here are a few thing I have made over the last year that were great for using precious little bits of ribbons and laces and goodies.
I am putting it on my blog in solidarity with all the brave crafters that are committing to "use what they have".
I have been checking on a couple of my favorite blogs and am amused to see that some of the brave are stocking up for the event. (Umm..Is that cheating? )
I am not sure I can manage it. I have a vacation in April and I may want to try something major. I have an old travel trailer in the backyard that I am determined to craft into the coolest of guest houses. I also have just started thrifting regularly after a 3 year hiatus. (After our last move my husband made such a major stink over my major stash, I had to swear to knock it off.. and I did. but not forever.) Because of the timing have not thrown my hat in the ring so to speak.. But I am deeply intrigued. I may go for it in May and June as a personal misson.

Perhaps I should also mention.. ( just in case anyone finds this little blog).. If swapping what you have, for what I have, is an acceptable option.. I have a lot of velvet/velveteen..cloud grey, red, burgundy, crushed burgundy and crushed blue violet. Email me and I will send pics.

And to all who rallied to the call.. My hat is off to you.

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