Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sunshine Family

I found these guys on a last minute thrift dash on Sunday. I could not believe my eyes. My mom hated Barbie when I was growing up but she was completely at peace with the fabulous furry Sunshine family in their sandals, hiking boots, long dresses and turtle necks.

My sister Sarah and I wore these dolls out. Their eyes eventually popped out and limbs fell off. They hiked and swam in lakes and climbed rocks and camped out just like all good hippy families in the 70's did.By comparison the fam I found at the thrift store is dang near pristine. Dad's sweater is chewed and Grandma lost her sandals but they were lightly used for certain.
I rushed home and called my sister and after some mildly squealy reminiscences, I informed her I will soon be bestowing the Sunshine family on her and her young daughter Violet.

I hope Violet has as much fun with them as we did.

Can you believe at the thrift store you can sometimes find about 1000 memories for just 3.00?


laura capello said...

I love to thrift. It's getting so bad, that when I do to "regular" stores I about pass out at the prices.

Green Kitchen left a comment on my blog that you are looking to do an Easter Basket swap... I just posted last night that I'd like to do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

You're so right on about the memories for cheap.... Would be great to have you write for my web site on your thrifting finds!

Alicia A. said...

Oh! oh! I had these! And camper/rv too. Oh I wish I still had them.

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