Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Petunia for Violet

I made my first full size doll for my niece Violet. I got the Burda pattern for a whopping 25 cents at my favorite thrift store. Somebody had a toy pattern purge and this one was unopened..
It was really unusual.
My mom made my dolls growing up. ..Tons of them, from those McCall's patterns. I had a classroom full of dolls and they all came with wardrobes.
This doll was different. First off the pattern called for felt, and there were only two pieces for the doll itself.
The face was sculpted with wooden beads under the felt for the nose.. The pattern called for "hair" but I wanted to use mostly cool natural reclaimed items from my thrift booty so I picked orange wool yarn. I bought some fabric but had the trim and button and some fabrics and felts from thrifting.
At first she had bead eyes, but frankly, they looked beady. I replaced them with eye buttons and was so much happier.There was a lot more sculpting than I anticipated but the more I sewed the happier I was with the project.
I made her shoes from the baby shoes pattern at good old Martha Stewart's site...and made her a bit older than the pattern intended. I truly never follow the recipe exactly.
I really liked making a little person. And I think Violet likes her too.

But she is kinda crazy.


laura capello said...

Wow, I can't believe you made that doll... okay, actually, I can. You're really talented.

Petunia is adorable. As is Violet!

amy said...

lucky violet...and quite a cutie she is!

Green Kitchen said...

Petunia turned out great! You'll have to share that pattern.

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