Friday, May 12, 2006

Frankly Mr. Shankly..

Well, am I ever pooped.
I have this cool job. I am a visual merchandising manager for a big upscale department store. (I must not name names.)
That means on any given day, I can be using power tools, rewiring lighting at 16 feet in the air and deftly pinning garments that cost thousands of dollars so that they fit a manniquin like they were made only for that form.
There are quite a few elements of my job that are ( in their own way) glamorous. Often, however, it is like having the worlds largest laundry pile. And there is a certain "corporate element" to much of what I do.
I also drive an hour or more each way to do this occasionally glamorous job..
Often I am listening to NPR..
Often they are talking about global warming..
Often I am feeling guilty.

This week was very hard. Physically and mentally, pretty grueling. And tonight I am very tired. I wanted to open up an Etsy shop but I just can't. Maybe I can do it tomorrow, but not tonight.

I believe in craftivism. Remaking. Buying and selling locally. Independent designers/ crafters/ artists. Thrift stores. Sharing ideas. People who do and make and grow their own stuff.

I spent the driving time this week imagining making things for a living..
from my own house.
Living up to my own lofty ideals of what it might take to make the world a better place..

I wonder how big of a leap of faith that might take.


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

good luck - i support you and your lofty goals... 100%.

amy said...

hi bethany-
holy you know you have one of my dream jobs? I've tried to convince 2 stores to hire me to be a visual merchandising coordinator, but neither of them were sold on me. Too bad I don't live up north...i could have snuck to work with you as your secret intern and learned the ins and outs from a pro.
Re-fuel tonight...set-up your etsy shop tomorrow. it's pretty easy once you set it up. I look forward to it's grand opening! have a good weekend...xoxo...amy

jenclair said...

An hour wonder you are pooped! Unsolicited advice: plan thoroughly and save a bit of a financial cushion. Do you have a portfolio of your displays that shows both your creativity and your technical abilities? Are there local stores that might hire you for seasonal displays? What about teaching some classes? You have a great deal of talent, and I wish you success!

And I just started a fashionable wrist accessory (pin cushion) inspired by your beautiful examples. Of course, anything would beat the one I have now!

futuregirl said...

If you can find a way to do it, why not? Obviously there are all the mundane things to consider - health insurance, money, etc. But one thing that usually gets left off the balance sheet is how situations make you (and your family) feel. It can take a lot of effort and thoughtfulness to create a life that provides both financial and emotional stability for you and your family. Even if "attaining the perfect balance of everything you want" is impossible, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

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