Thursday, May 18, 2006


Wow.. Today has been so great.

I went to San Francisco and saw the fall fashion designer preview for my day job.
It is a cool little perk. All the runways at my fingertips. While "Fashion" astounds me in many ways.. I do find myself getting goose bumps and sketching madly for days after I see all those fashion show videos.

Next I went to the Surrealist Photo Exhibit at the SFMOMA . It was sublime. So inspirational. There were these boxes with images and minatures and.. and all these gorgeous silver gelatin prints. Words, even a thousand per picture, could never do justice to the exhibit. If you live nearby, hurry and see it. It is only up for one more week.

Plus there was a little room filled with tiny ink drawings by Paul Klee. He really makes me laugh. And he makes me want to draw!

Then I came home and my order came in from Hope, who has this lovely site:
Paper Relics. I found her on Flickr, fell madly in love with her witty art and
I bought "Oh Dear" and an Ephemera pack for myself for mother's day.
I will post pictures of it and the glorious items I got from Amy who does
Posy Press tomorrow..
But check her lovely blog and Etsy shop. Really nice woman who does fantastic stuff!

Then,as if that wasn't enough, on the machine was a message and I get to take a soldered jewelry class with
Ulla at Castles in the Air
I was on the waiting list and I got in.. ( happy dance inserted here.)

Oh yes, I am creativity heaven..


laura capello said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day, and both Hope's and Amy's sites are amazing! I'm sure you got some great packages from them.

Green Kitchen said...

I know you feel tied down by your job and commute, but this post makes me jealous of your freedoms. ;)

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