Monday, May 01, 2006

Joan Of Arc Was Not Afraid

My Favorite Joan of Arc quote ( an some time personal mantra) is:
"I am not Afraid. I was born to do this."
Of course she probably said it in French and it likely sounds even cooler that way.
It is a killer quote. At the Bazaar Bizarre I sold a belt that had the words stamped onto it. I brought tears to the eyes of the woman who bought it. It sounded like she was mounting a battle all her own.
I bought a fantastic set of old children's reference books at the thrift store and was excited tosee there was a short section on my latest I read, I experienced a bit of a time warp cultureshock.

This paragraph in particular was astounding to me:

I found it so surprising, I decided to make the T-shirt above.
I call the shirt "Joan Of Arc was So Hot."
The small blue patch is the paragraph from the book.
The purple is a portrait of Joan. The sleeves were recycled.
The flames at the bottom are lino block print and the yellow print says" Joan of Arc is so Hot."

And so she was.



laura capello said...

Love the word play.

Your shirts are amazing. You probably don't want to give any secrets away (and I would totally understand), but HOW do you make those?!

futuregirl said...

This entry gave me chills. Eerie, exhilerating chills. "I am not Afraid. I was born to do this." is such a balls-out, punk rock, budda-cool line.

I'm also very moved by your shirt. I don't want to go into all the different ways that paragraph is a signifier of things-gone-wrong, but I do want to say that your shirt is the perfect antidote.

If only more people had the balls to be as hot as Joan of Arc. Me included.

If this isn't extreme craft - I don't know what is. Good luck!

Regina said...

Very cool T. Joan of Arc is definitely an excellent example for a "no fear" attitude! Great job!

Michelle said...

Love your stuff. What is your Etsy shop link??

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Thanks for all the great comments!!

Shellyc: I am making it my goal to put up an Etsy shop by next Friday.
Thanks for the encouragement.
And thanks to all who left comments on Whipup.
I am so grateful for the honorable mention!!


doomsday zalinsky said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Love the way you put up that quote. Nothing like seeing an actual page from a book. Nice t-shirt too. I had never thought of making the quote my personal mantra until you said that. It's a good idea. Maybe it will motivate me to get through my own life!

Anonymous said...

Joan of Arc's quotes are great. You can find a whole page of them at

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