Monday, May 08, 2006

pin cushion or fashion accessory?

It is always so hard to find a wrist pincushion that is nice enough to go out to a five star restaurant or a fancy dress party.
I find that in my busy craft-a-day life style I need sewing accessories to match my many fashion moods and whims.
These pretty little charms will do the trick. Instead of nasty old elastic they are outfitted with the wrist bands from vintage watches. For sparkle and interest vintage buttons and felt botanical motifs have been applied. A few beaded pins and "Voila"
.. A sewing basket "classic" becomes a unique and "chic" fashion accessory.

Thanks for the Whiplash win..
Everyone who entered is so talented.. I am feeling very lucky to have been chosen!



Regina said...

Very very pretty and classy pin cushions!!

Susan Schwake said...

you have got that right betty! i love the chic wrist pin cushion!and it is all dressed up and ready for sushi too!very very cool.

jenclair said...

I'm trashing my old one (I posted a picture of it the other day, as I nearly forgot and wore it to the grocery store.) I'm going to make a new one inspired these lovely examples! Thanks for sharing these wonderful wrist pin cushions.

laura capello said...

And you are perfectly accessorized with the matching pin heads as well!

futuregirl said...

This is a great take on the Whiplash theme. You totally nailed it... pinned it... (hee) I especially like the combination of the japanese fabric and the felt flower.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. I am glad you like these frivolities.
I am having such fun with the Whip-up.. and getting to see so many new exciting things I wouldn't have found
without it.
I wear my pincusion and pocketed apron out far too often. (I am so glad Jenclair can relate!)

Gina said...

Those are the best!

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