Monday, July 31, 2006

This one is for Futuregirl

Oh.. for so many reasons this is dedicated to Futuregirl, because it is Alice.. because it has a skull... because it is an egg.. and she made the finest skull eggs from felt for Easter... (click here) and because I find her delightful..

I was approached to make eggcraft for an attempt to appear on CraftLab on DIY Network, as a guest crafter for a second season.. ( my first episode will come out this fall.. It's a gift wrapping thang..) and I needed to think smart and sassy and modern..( because that isn't really what most eggcraft is like)... And when you think that way , what that jumped to mind was Alice.

Futuregirl, thanks for the inspirado!!!


futuregirl said...

Oh, Betty! It's so wonderful ... of course the skull and the Alice are killer, but add red drippy blood on top and glittery beads inside and you have a deadly craft-a-ganza of cute.

I saw the title and started reading the post out loud to Andrew (I didn't even read it to myself first). His comment, "You're a superstar." Well, not even close, but it totally rocks that you are one of my craft-conspirators.

Um, and speaking of superstars ... I like how you casually slip in that you are a guest crafter on CraftLab. Who rocks more than you!?

laura capello said...

You're gonna be on the DIY Network?! Oh, goodie!

Green Kitchen said...

Hey, I might just post something about August 19th, is that OK?

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