Friday, September 22, 2006

Sorry I'm Tardy.. Here's my Pass.


I thought I 'd be a better blogger, but i fell off the back this last week, plus 2 days.
First I would like to say : Thanks for all the super power responses..You are all forces to be reckoned with, and I will now know exactly who to call when I want to put together my super team.

I did actually get a lucky 13 projects of various sizes done last week. This week, I didn't quite pull it off.. But I had a migraine (Forced to bow to the venegeful goddess of PMS) and with the dang old PMS, I was rather crotchity, therefore, not real, real creative, or quick.

Last week:

I put together the collages for my "devotional" candles/4 different designs and 12 finished candles. (counts as 4)
Finished two more Bunny-children (counts as 2)
finshed 3 more soldered glass necklaces (counts as 3)
made another tattered lace necklace (1)
finished and mailed my project for Craft Lab. (1)
made pompon creature surprise for a friend (1)
And I caught myself a jar full of Good House Keepers. (1)

My secrets for the productive week?

Edith Piaf , Nellie McKay , David Byrne, Deee-Lite,and the Pogues on shuffle
total craft chaos all over the house
one school aged child who leaves me to craft for 8 hours everyday
plus bulking up my numbers by finishing projects that were already underway..

And these guys:

My mother in law told me that Good House Keepers were hard to find..
Well no wonder.
Did you have any idea the little suckers were this tiny?
Anyhow, now each morning when I wake up, the whole house is spotless.
Provided, I let them out of the jar.

This week:
Finished and mailed a commissioned t. (1)
made Risa's collage for our swap (1)
made a pompon mouse (1)
made a pompon goldfish (1)
made about 1/4 of the precrafted crafts for Craft Lab

ummm and unless I can finish 5 pretty juicy crafts by sundown tomorrow..
I really didn't make much of my goal this week.

(Oh and BTW.. I am totally rocking the 99 .00 Thrift Challenge from Apron Thrift Girl
I will post my entry on Monday.. I am just tallying up and photographing my booty..

(Not that booty..
You people have filthy, filthy minds!)


laura capello said...

Must. Get. Wee. House. Cleaners.

Anonymous said...

dee-lite?! as in "groove is in the heaa-aaa-rt"?! that's some good stuff.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Meg.. " my supper dish.. my succotash wish.. Sing it baby.."

You know it.. Video available on UTube...

futuregirl said...

Holy moly, woman! That's a wonderful list of accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaahhhhh, wonderful wonderful Edith the Sparrow! i listen to her *all* the time when i am creating. I don't know a bit of French, but her songs move me like nothing else in the world. :)

Angelina said...

What's your favorite Pogues album? I like to clean house to Waiting For Herb, but Rum Sodomy and the Lash is an old favorite!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Ah HA!
I generally craft to "If I Should Fall From Grace Of God"..
But "Rum Sodomy" is a blessing.

I declare it makes me thirst for a pint!

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