Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Super Duper !!

toothpaste for dinner

Found this guy linked on pixiegenne's blog..
(She has been recently added to my list of happy sarcastic crafters.. Thanks to flickr.. i *heart *me some flickr....)

When I saw this particular cartoon..
(And I rewatched Mystery Men* this week. Yup.. Geek-ola.)
Oh, it got me to thinking.. I wanna know... What is your super power?
Comment or Blog.. However you want to share.

My super power is ideas. They just keep coming. There aren't enough hours. There just aren't.
My other super power is recognizing celebrity voices in animated movies and car commercial voice overs.
It is inherently less useful but it can amaze and delight my small but loyal fan base from time to time.

I think I may be close to getting 10 projects finished this week ..
(plus I dealt with a couple of really persistant health insurance agents and thrifted..)
Last week I got 8-9.. One was super close to being already done.

Cross your fingers for me friends.. It is the Thursday/Friday wrap up and I am aiming at the double digits!!!
If I do hit the goal I will tell you any and all the strategies employed to get there ..
Wisdom or Folly? You can tell me!

(*ok, Janeane Garofolo, William H. Macy and Paul Reubens.. I just love these people.)


futuregirl said...

I *love* that movie. I insisted that we rent it one night and it was so poorly received by Andrew that I had to skip through the DVD to show him my favorite scenes (he was sweet enough to sit through that). Those scenes are 1) When Ben Stiller is on the hood of the car and tries to pry off the car logo with his fingers 2) When the group is walking around the corner and Janeane Garofolo refers to the William Shatner outtake involving the word "sabotage."

My Super Powers:

Ability to fit everything in the suitcase without scrunching anything (my spatial relation powers are beyond measure).

Ability to plan ahead to save time and effort (i'm always looking ten steps forward to anticipate future needs).

Ability to make strangers feel ill-at-ease or even confrontational (ask my husband - he will verify the reactions I get from complete strangers - even mere passers-by scowl at me).

PamKittyMorning said...

ohmygod I love that movie. I love the end when they say something about not bickering.. I can't believe I can't remember it now as it was the family motto the first couple of years after it came out.

I love sarcastic people to. I'll be checking out that blog.

Angelina said...

No way! futuregirl and I have the same superpowers! I have the power to silence an entire room of happy partying people with really uncomfortable conversation. My son is so not impressed with that.

I love that movie too.

pixiegenne said...

thanks for mentioning me! i'd have to say that my super power is the ability to eye-ball everything - never use a first-draft, never follow a pattern, never read directions and still have things come out ok 85% of the time.

i also am an idiot-savant with song lyrics, much to my family's dismay.

pixiegenne said...

p.s. my other super-power is that i can recognize plot-twists very early on. i was watching "family stone" (which i don't recommend - crappy movie). anyway, in the very first scene, the mom is sitting alone in the living room. i turn to my friend and whisper "the mom is dying of cancer". scary, no?

wow. i am so full of myself this morning!

Anonymous said...

my husband has a superpower to recognize all (including B and C and D list) celebrities on the street even when they are wearing a hat pulled over most of their face and a scarf wrapped around the other part. :)

Stacie said...

my super power would have to be flying, x-ray vision, bending steel with my mind, oh, wait, I can do none of those things, but a girl can dream... wait, I am a super powered daydreamer!!

Kat said...

Hello, neighbor.

My Super Power has to be thrifting. Leave no garage sale unperused. (Spellcheck says that's not a word btw.) And there's always SOMETHING I need in every "Free" box.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

I'd say, my superpower is to start 10 projects in 10 minutes and never ever finish them. I start projects like no ones business. I have knitting, sewing, beading, painting, collaging and every other kind of craft but not a darn thing finished.

I'm pretty sure there are way better superpowers out there :( I need to team up with a super-project finisher. That would do both of us well.

laura capello said...

I need to watch Mystery Men -- who'd I miss a Jeanene Garofolo movie?

Ooo... super powers. The ability to squarsh (read: barely manage) multiple food allergies.

Wow, that's rather pathetic of me.

Oh, I know! I know!

The ability to memorize a song, artist and title the first time I hear it.

FRIZZ said...

I have the ability to spot every bird of prey perched on trees, telephone poles, bridges and signs along the road while in the car. I see them all. It's wierd, my eye is just drawn right to them. Then I say, "Did you see that hawk?" and of course we're already past it and I get the stink eye. I must use my powers only for good.

Found you through Future Girl. Be back!

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