Friday, October 13, 2006

It's a mad mad whirlwind world

Okay.. I am going to hop all over the place on this one so hold onto your hats..

I suspect I have undiagnosed ADD. Personally, I file it under the "blessing and a curse" catagory. I think it strongly contributes to my "ideas" superpower but I am scatterbrained and addleheaded when it comes to life's more mundane aspects.. And it is often difficult for the more methodical and directed amoungst us to keep up with my mental whirligig. This post will likely be very "symptomatic". Do indulge me.. I love to be indulged.

I never told ya'll how the Craft Lab taping went.. I think it went really well.. I only fouled up really badly, like, 3 times. ( She says, hopefully.)
I had fun and got to show off some crazy eggs. I used Goose Eggs for the big ones.

I did some other different eggs before but honed some new techniques just for them. The show will air in spring sometime.

The host is Jennifer Perkins, who was one of my earliest Crafterpreneurial heroes. She is the owner of the Naughty Secretary Club and a member of the Austin Craft Mafia.. When I first found their sites I sighed deeply and said.. "I want to hang out with these women." Well, we didn't go clubbing or anything.. But my picture is on Her Flickr Photos.. How cool am I feeling now? Pretty cool, I assure ya!

We also survived the Disneyland crowds and had a screaming good time.

That was our splurge because it was my birthday this week and Jacob's too!

I had a head cold on my birthday-day (I didn't stutter.. I needed to differentiate, as we actually celebrate Birthday Season around here) so we embibed with mimosas (for the vitamin c of course) and two kinds of soup. Butternut and Crab Bisque.. It was quite grand in a snuffly sort of way.

I got The Audrey Hepburn collection on DVD and this Cast Iron Deer Head for enhancement of our psycho cabin decor.
Yes.. it is wierd. But I adore it. And I had to have something that could stand up to what I got myself with my birthday monies last year:

Yes.. the lovely Model. My meaty muse. Perhaps not as practical as Alice's 10 year supply of lipgloss.. but i am a frivolous soul.
No pics of me, thank goodness.. too groddy.. ( how do you spell that?)

Jake opted for Cherry Pie.. and fettucini alfredo. He loves pasta so much, his nickname is Noodle. He is a self-proclaimed non-meat eater.. Only some seafoods. He met a chicken one day and came home to announce "We can't eat chickens anymore, mom.. they are really cool."

I believe he enjoyed his celebration.

Next subject: Craft Updates:
I am making T's again!! here's a WIP pic.. I think we will have "precocious, resilient, uppity, stalwart, reckless, emboldened, brazen and flippant" in this batch. These are for a couple of "craft and cocktail" holiday shopping parties I am going to do in Oakland next month.. If you will be in the area and you want to come by and say howdy send me an email ( my email link is in my blogger profile) or leave a comment and I will get you some more info.

I hope to have eight T's done after my trip up to Gualala to visit my mom, my Grandma and Great Aunts and Uncles this weekend. ( Yes I am now 38 and still lucky enough to be able to hug my grandma and her siblings too..!)

Next week I will get going on Some Joan Of Arc t's too..

Last weekend my sister came down and we were working on some Christmas ornaments inspired by Ulla's theatres.
They are super fun to make. I wish I could've taken that class, but I really need to sell some more craft before I can.. (wimper. sigh.)

I am still averaging 10 projects done per week but I want to bump it up to 15 to get ready for those parties.. We will have to see if I am capable.. that is a lot of completion for my bumblebee brain.

Finally: a shout out to Linda who i got to see again after we met at Ulla's soldered Jewelry Class this summer.Ulla... and all her students too.. Cool group for sure. If you get a chance take a class there... Do indulge yourself the opportunity. Delightful!


laura capello said...

I was just telling Aaron I think I have ADD as well, because I can't keep a single straight thought at all!

Can't wait to see you on DIY. Too bad I don't recognize the host!

Green Kitchen said...

Your screaming photos are great.

PamKittyMorning said...

Love the photos and the news!

Anonymous said...

Taking an Ulla class would be so amazing. Why on why must i live on the wrong coast, so far away from ANYTHING fun! :P
Your eggs are great!!! I can't wait to see you on craftlab...i have FINALLY been watching all the episodes i have been TIVO-ing and i love it....inspiration on demand when i really really need it. it will be supergroovy to get some Bitter Betty action via my cable box! LOL!
And keep an eye to your mailbox...package should arrive any time now :)

futuregirl said...

Happy Birthday! :) The screaming photos are awesome. The deer head is wonderful. And the phrase "meaty muse" is my favorite of this week. :)

Your eggs are great. I especially like the birdies with the musical leaves. So brilliant.

The ornament is way-cool. I think the little creepy dude with the flowers is going be skipping through my nightmares tonight, though. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your birthday - but a very happy belated one to you. Love the eggs you're making as usual you take crafting to new heights.

Anonymous said...

I love your eggs, they are amazing! I am so happy I found your blog!

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