Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zombie dolls: anatomical annie and butcher boy bob.. now with pictures

I did these dolls last month and have been saving them to post for
Craftster's "Zombies, Robots and Bears.. Oh My!" contest..

I got the doll parts last spring while thrifting for a whooping dollar for 2 sets. I also thrifted the wool felty and the stuffing.. I made the patterns for the bodies and stitched it on the sewing machine, Then I hand stitched the limbs in place. When I was done I had these tiny strange blank canvases. I didn't feel like making frilly little clothes for them. I wanted them to be a little wierd. Or wierd in a different way

The girl doll was easy.

I have a small collection of female anatomical models, like "The Invisible Woman" model and another teaching model that at 2.5 feet tall, is more formidable.
I have a rubber stamp that I use on tags sometimes, and a couple of spooky postcards. Annie has sisters waiting for her at my house.

The boy was harder, but with the flat white body, he looked ripe for dissection.

Yes. It's a little disturbing. But I find overly frilly dolls to be a bit disturbing in their own right.

With that said I almost fell off my chair when i saw the fearsome frills of this entry by Aiar :
Zombie Ballet Corp(se)

Oh did I mention I am extremely into Halloween?
But you probably picked up on that.


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

ohhhhh, those are spectacular!!! you do have a way with the dollies...

laura capello said...

they are weird in an awesome way.

but since they are zombies... are they gonna eat my blood? mwhahahahaha?

futuregirl said...

AHHHHH! I love them! I f*cking LOVE them! Oh, my god.

They rock.

I love body schmatics and see-through organs and stuff. I really want medical dissection posters for our bathrooms. Big freaky ones.

I'm sure it all leads back to my fascination with the see-through-guy pages in our encyclopedia with the different body-systems on them, all layered together (everyone had that encylcopedia, right?).

When I was about 4, I learned from those pictures that humans had livers. I realized that I couldn't tell a human liver from an animal liver. That's when I started to refuse to eat liver, because I didn't trust that my parents weren't feeding me people-livers. I must have been born cynical.

I saved a image I ran across of paper-collaged bodies that kids made for school ... colored paper organs, layered on a body cutout, with a white rib cage holding the mess together. I always thought it would make a wonderful felt stuffie.

I especialy like that you used antique-looking doll parts and tied tiny ribbons around their necks. Those touches are the icing on your wonderfully disturbing cake. :)

PamKittyMorning said...

I love that boy doll. Hilariously wild, mismatched feet and all. ( or do I need to go get my glasses?)

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh, my bad, now that I have my glasses on that second picture is just a shadowy foot. Sorry.

Junie Moon said...

Halloween is my absolute favorite time! Your dolls are fantastic and so perfect for Halloween. I like the Zombie Ballet, too--how imaginative!

jen v said...

I love these dolls. great job!

Anonymous said...

I think these are wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant!!!! This is absolute genius. I am forever astounded by your imagination and creativity!

I need to email you privately...i have a Joan of Arc matter to discuss with you! :)

Angelina said...

Halloween hasn't been a favored holiday for some time now (though having a kid has certainly brought some of the charm back for me) but I do love disturbing rather than sweet things. I have been coveting all the innards and anatomical rubber stamps at 100 proof press forever!

These dolls are so fantastic! Will you be making any others similar to this to sell at your Etsy store?

Anonymous said...

how wonderful!!! these will keep me smiling all night :)

Stacie said...

those are awesome!

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