Friday, February 23, 2007

Love Mail

I am so glad that way back when I started blogging Michelle told me to go check out Futuregirl's blog. It is amazing how fond you can become of someone even though you have never met face to face.. What is funny is, we could have met.. She spent a month working in the same place as my brother in law. We lived in San Francisco at the same time. Apparently even missing each other while we lived close by couldn't prevent us from finally being friends.. And Alice is a great person to be friends with..

Just look what she made for me!!!

The bag is so beautiful.

And filled with fantastic goodies: tiny handmade envelopes fron an anatomy book, and a heart keychain from the Mutter Museum near her home.

The anatomically correct heart patch with delicately dripping blood...

And it already fits perfectly into my wardrobe:

And it looks just right with the new skirt Michelle is teaching me to make!!!

Thanks, Alice!!!


futuregirl said...

I totally forgot to mention the awesome envelopes came from sugarcube design on etsy. I even bought a set for myself.

I'm so glad you love your bag! That skirt is rockin'. They look great together!

Anonymous said...

What a lucky girl!!! And what a wonderful thing to be a fond recepient. YAY!!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Alas, she moved to the East Coast a few years ago.
Sure wish she was a bit closer.

Angelina said...

That skirt is fantastic! And obviously goes great with the skirt.

Love the whole ensemble.

It's funny how close you can come to meeting some people who you end up knowing later on when you're much farther away from each other physically.

laura capello said...

alice's stuff is amazing. like that heart? oh my. *awesome*.

Anonymous said...

Great bag!!!!! And cute skirt!!!! Yay for happy presents! Those envelopes are totally cool.
Is the skirt one from the "Sew What-Skirts' book? inquiring minds wanna know! it looks great :)

Ilix said...

Fun gift! It's so nice to craft for some one who will love and appreciate it! Way to show it off!

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