Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's All Fair...

Here is a mosaic of my happy Handmade Parade love.

I got the house needle book from carolyn of laughingduck
And the wee Bear is from missy ballance ( The creature lovin the bear is from Ardent Curse. I got him awhile back. Love him too.
And the pattern lady cards from claire of little lovelies

It was a great day and I am glad I am going to get to see some of my new friends again when I go to the the Maker Faire this weekend.

I really can't recommend this fair enough. My son wants us to get there before it opens so we can be first in line "to do everything", and we aren't to leave until they kick us out.. Last year he said this Faire is better than Disneyland. Check Out Bre Pettis on this video. I met him taping my upcoming Egg Art Episode of CraftLab CraftLab with Austin Craft Mafia's Jennifer Perkins, last fall. (Bre is techno super crafty . Boy craft. Lovin' that.)

I was in the Bazaar Bizarre Crafts show at the Maker Faire last year, but I was sooo busy sewing up New Vintage clothes this year I let that application deadline sneak by me.

I was so sad ( It was my favorite event of the Whole Year last year) until I realized that I will be able to run around the whole Faire unfettered this time.. Ya- Hooooooo!!! There are all these craft and hack workshops and demos and creative wildness everywhere... and last year I was relatively "booth bound". Not This Year. I am going to try everything!

I am also getting ready for next month, when the fair's Just Keeep Coming!!!!

I am going to be participating in C is 4Craft here in Beeeeauuutiful Santa Cruz. Ya'll should come down for the weekend. Craft Faire, Boardwalk. You'd just love it. I am very much looking forward to their list of participants and will share when I get it.

Meanwhile.. Hey, will I see you at the Maker Faire?


Stacie said...

sounds like such fun! when you do one in the midwest let me know!!

freefalling said...

You won't see me there, unless I jump on a plane!
The Maker Faire looks awesome - I especially like the nose-picking machine.

Katie said...

Well damn! I think I live on the wrong coast!

Sonya said...

I love it - you will see me! I think I have a crush on Bre Pettis though and it is all your fault. Good thing Mr Knitsonya is crafty in his own way.

Angelina said...

Your booth looks great. Especially the sign!

I wish I could come and see you at all these fairs. That would be so much fun!

Oh well, I will just enjoy seeing the pictures.

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