Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A.K.A. the Noodle

4 pals on the first Monday sans school, post water balloon fight, and just before a pizza feast and cupcakes.
Who is gunning for coolest mom on the planet? Me, that's who. And I have such a small window to still be the one who can make the best things happen.

Now, for an overdue answer to a me-me from Violette Crumble.

Where did we get our dear son's name. Jacob Albert.

Jacob seemed so original at the time. Funny because that year it became the most popular name for boys and stayed that way for the next 3 years.... Something in the water? who knows.
Albert is a family name on his dad's side and I like how solid and old fashioned it sounds. No trendy moniker is Albert.
And as a story a real let down too.. Just wrote Jacob Albert on a matchbook and that one stuck, beating out Griffin ( my fave) and Tyler ( dad's fave) because we agreed on it. We didn't find out he was a boy ahead of time .. because I didn't want to spoil the surprise... but I think we sensed it, because our girls name was never really "chosen". Just debated.
Jacob has a zillion nick names. We very rarley call him just Jacob. The second he was born his dad called him Sport Shoes. We refer to him often as Punker D or the Punk. Sometimes Boo or The Chuckling.. But mostly Noodle. Jakey Noodle. Punkey Noodle. The Nood.

I expect as he revs it up toward young adulthood we may cross a line and he will put the brakes on all the pet names. So for now I will use them, as often as I can, for as long as he will let me.

Okay I will tag:
Michelle, and Knit Sonya . (Between them they have 5 kids so that should count for 5?)...

I am so excited because I have a whole huge home improvement project to post, A New Vintage Circus Tent, and the next installment of everybody's sewing super hero Sally Stitch and her humble side kick Mrs. Home Maker (the good twin of the less popular, Mrs. Home Wrecker)..

Do... Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

You're already the coolest mom on the planet!

futuregirl said...

You are really lucky that you get to be the coolest Mom ever. I think some Mom's never get that. On the flip side, it could be really interesting when you become the Mom-From-Hell who is always cramping his style. You'll have front row seats to his growing and emerging self. Just don't take it personally. :) You know he could be a weird kid and never actually hate you ... which could be cool, too.

Sonya said...

You are cool. So cool.

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