Friday, June 08, 2007

Ok.. The Hand Printed Fabric Swap. Let's go!

Alrighty. Sounds like I have a fantasy shared by a few of you!
Let's do a handprinted fabric swap. I think this could be any print/dye process.
Lino, Gocco, silkscreen, wood block, batik, etc.

I am not sure exactly how to do it, so I would love to hear who is interested and what do you think about how to swap it.

Do we want to swap 1/4 yards? Fat quarters?
I think it would be great to get a bunch of different fabrics from different people.
Do we want to send in 4 to 8 1/4 yard pieces (or fat quarters) and then get 4-8 back?

Any other ideas? Color theme?

Shall we aim for sending out the swap the last week in July?
Can't wait to hear what you have to say on this one!


Anonymous said...

me! me! please count me in!

i've been mulling around the idea of printing some of my own fabric, so I'd be really excited to have the impetus of a swap to make me get on it already.

now i'll go think about details a little before giving any suggestions :)

Sara said...

Would you accept hand dyed or does it ned to be printed?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I like the idea of doing 4 - 6 fat quarters and getting the same amount back.

Maybe there could be a theme or a color grouping?

Dyeing/stamping or printing - count me in!

Love, love your blog!!

micha michelle said...

i'm very new to swaps, but it seems a good idea to have a cut off date for signing up. that way we can make plans according to the number of people involved. and, the last week in july sounds like a good date to have your finished fabric shipped out.

now, how does this work??? do we ship all the fabric one person who collates all the samples and sends out individual packages? if we did decide to have a master collator, we could also send some money to help with postage. maybe i'm getting ahead of myself here.

i'll come back later when i've thought this through a bit more.

thanks for getting things going betty!!!

nikkishell said...

I'm up for a swap! I haven't done one in ages and this one sounds wonderful!

nikkishell said...

Oh, yeah, details.......4-8 pieces sounds good to me, fat quarters i'd say.

mimi k said...

I would love to be part of this swap- I've been wanting to try doing some fabric printing. Fat quarters sound doable and usable.

Wendee said...

I just had a friend contact me asking if I knew any custom fabric printers. Not sure what the needs are (was asking me on behalf of another pal).

This sounds like a cool idea - maybe you know someone who can do an order. Again, I would need to gather more details if this was of interest to someone.

Love your blog. Wish I knew something about printing on fabric (above and beyond freezer paper stenciling!)

Anonymous said...

oh definitely count me in!
I've just started experimenting with this.
I think fat quarters would be great.
(please keep it open to internationals!)
it would be great to get a bit of everyone's fabric but realistically that will be killer on the postage. so a secret partner swap would be good.

Green Kitchen said...

Oh, hell, what would life be like without another deadline haunting me. Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on this and I'd love to do this too! I like the idea of 4-6 fat quarters.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was just looking for a reason to print some fabric. Please count me in!!

kristin said...

oh me too please!!! (says the swap junkie).

Anonymous said...

I would like to be in on this one too! yee haw!

Anonymous said...

Lindy sez:
Dang it BB! I want to do this too... I have some Indian wood blocks that I'm dying to use... Please post the "theme" or color choices asap and I'll get going... my crafting room was completed yesterday - better start messing it up. PS I'm a complete novice at this... is this OK?

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