Thursday, June 28, 2007

There's no Place like Home

Back from the trip to the In-Laws in good old Orange County.
I know. No warning... but I had delusions of posting on the road.
I am nothing, if not delusional.
Our schedule was hectic and the laptop wasn't hooked up to the internet when it was in my vicinity so:
So home again after a family reunion, a good friend's bridal shower, cuddling cute nieces, and a mom and son trip to the land of Disney. No photos.. I left the camera at home. Doh.

I really enjoyed everyone's responses to the Personality profiling.. and there is only one I have to question.
Come on, Jungle Dream Pagoda... You have to be "dramatic".. It's in your job description!
.. And you own more than one Pucci!

We are in recovery mode here after actually watching commercial tv for a few days (!) and having all our socks dirty at the same time. I am excited though because I watched Martha Stewart silkscreen and even though I have carved a lino block for the swap.. I am all excited to silkscreen some fabric. I have almost everybody's addresses.. I will get my organizational bonnet on and get the remainder of the list.

But in the mean time... The garden is so pretty. And I just don't know what other post to share these on. So please enjoy my tiger lilies.

And the hydrangeas... The deer didn't gnaw them off this year and frankly I couldn't be more thrilled.

It is almost making up for the fact that the dang "napalm on the hoof" did desimate the summer kitchen garden pretty much entirely.

Snacking on the pepper plants and the chowing down on the early heirloom tomatoes. Aw, wilderness.


Sonya said...

Welcome back! I love, your flowers. Hydrangeas are _the_ backyard flower in my garden, though one of these days I need to tweak the alkalinity of my soil to get them so pretty and blue. And ptttthhp to those deer.

Angelina said...

Where the hell have I been? Poor garden!

I love hydrangeas, they make great victorian looking bouquets.

shula said...


You have Deer?

In your garden?

Damn, that's cool.

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