Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last Week In Craft

Howdy.. Here's a recap of the last week in crafty goodness here at Chez Betty.

( clockwise from upper left)
1)Pug from Mame Wanko for my niece, 2) two cool vintage books from the Pay and Take sale when I went to visit mom and grandma and drop the boy off for camp, 3) the silkscreen WIP potentially for the handprinted fabric swap, 4) the sweet fruits of my olallieberry jam making obession.. (Thanks Michelle, for my first lesson.) 5) J's hair bleached out in preparation of the summertime blue, 6) a love critter print from the lovely Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist.

Beyond this there were two projects for the Lark patchwork book, and a skirt for the lovely folks at P&B textiles..but those will be for them to reveal.

So much for a lazy summer.

More tomorrow!


Blaize said...

What camp is the blue-haired kid going to? Also, nice craft week!

Anonymous said...

OH! treats treats treats! And Tweets? hehehe. xxo

Anonymous said...

Busy busy! Isn't this summer just FLYING by?

Angelina said...

P&B Textiles does garments? Huh? Well, you are rockin' out with the crafts!!

Can I send my boy off with yours?

Anonymous said...


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