Monday, September 10, 2007

I am Not an Expert.

Well, I am not an expert on tomato canning but I saw a couple of videos on You Tube about it.
I totally loved these ladies but I didn't get enough "how to" info..I did like feeling like I was hanging out in their kitchen though. And I must say I enjoyed my stay.. What a couple of characters!

I also watched David and Andrea's video but they were making too many things at a time for my skill level.

So I throw my hat into the ring. This video tutorial will only assist the real, true novice.. But if this inspires even one new canner.. I will be thrilled beyond belief.

For my favorite canning instructions:
click here

Now after all this, I need to say: I just read a new article that said the peeled tomatoes need to be "hot packed" (cook the tomatoes).. I didn't do it in the video...BUT, I now recommend it.
Just cook them ..
You know, Safety First.

And the music is Django Reinhardt "You, Rascal, You" and "Limehouse Blues"... perfect for canning.


Angelina said...

It's like you're trying to make me the happiest person in the world!! How awesome. You know I'm trying to inspire people to learn to can things themselves too so it's a real pleasure to see others get the bug and share it.

When I use tomatoes in regular cooking I never peel them, but when canning I always do. I've done raw pack though and it's perfectly safe if you follow the raw pack instructions.

Why don't we live closer? It's killing me!!

Sonya said...

Hooray!! You make me want to can, honest, truly you do. I think we are going to lose you to the Food Network though. What a wonderful video, my favorite parts were: watching you skin those tomatoes with lightning speed and (of course) "Firm, but not tight." Brava!

Anonymous said...

Canning it up with Django Reinhardt've got a fan and loyal reader for life!

Green Kitchen said...

Shirley says, "She's not boring." I think that means good. ;) She laughed when she realized that you made a video how-to on your second day of canning tomatoes.

I never hot packed the tomatoes and it was fine. If you weren't going to boil it for 45 minutes I'd go hot pack, but how much hotter can it get to preheat before the 45 mins?

P.S. I need that music.

Blaize said...

A. You are adorable.
B. I'm with Green Kitchen on the hot pack issue; with a 45-minute in-the-jar treatment, what could happen? I always add a teaspoon of vinegar, too, because my tomatoes are never "just barely ripe" when I can them.

(ALERT--What follows are facts you probably already know but that I am suddenly incapable of stopping myself from writing down anyway--END ALERT) Botulin toxin is created by an anaerobic bacteria that is also unstable under heat, so if you just stir and cook the tomatoes when you open a jar (which is how I use canned tomatoes anyway, in soups, stews, sauces, etc.), it's like extra double plus insurance. Finally, with only about 30 food-borne cases of botulism a year in the US, I really am not that worried.

IncogKnito said...

Oh, I love your video and instructions! I've been following your blog for awhile and I'm happy to put a face with your words. I've been wanting to can for awhile, so this is definitely helpful! Thanks! Keep up the bloggins because it's just so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

you know i adore you, and that you are the cutest cooking show host ever right? i have REALLY been wanting to can stuff this year, like my fam used to do on the farm when i was a wee little button, but i waited around for my mom to come teach/remind me (HA! as if THAT will ever happen) All this canning that you and Angelina have been doing has shown me that i just need to jump into the deep end and do it myself. :) Next summmer, i will can even veg i can get my paws on :)

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

i did pickles last week - in the form of beets, beans and bread and butter.... looks like now tomatoes are on my list!!!! your videos are just the best - but i know you know that... the BEST.

Angelina said...

I'm with Blaize about not being too concerned, if you take the recommended precautions your chances of getting botulism are very slim.

Knowing that you can kill off any botulism by heating them up again (I forget the minimum temperature but it's lower than how hot you would get them to be for most cooking applications) is reassuring to me.

lisa solomon said...

oh - now i want to can tomatoes! how cool!

thanks for coming by my blog!

Anonymous said...

YOU are amazing!!!!! I love it! I adore you!!!Too fun! Love your personality!!

Anonymous said...

You should have your own show. I would watch it.

Becky said...

Why didn't I can tomatoes this year? (Or ever!) I don't know. You make it look so easy.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Limehouse blues is one of my favorite Stephane Grapelli/Django Reinhardt collaboration.

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