Monday, November 05, 2007

Made it Myself Monday: Gnude Gnome

If a woolly needle felted gnome with a vague 'wee package' will make you feel oddly violated... please forgive me and quickly click on to the next new blog. I am gnot a gnome pervert, I was just needling away and this is just what kind of 'happened' and it made me laugh so here we are with full frontal gnome.

In truth this is more of a WIP post because, in the interest of common decency I will be providing him with some clothes before I put him up for sale at C is 4 Craft' show on the 16th. But if you come buy him, you can display him however you like.

If you enjoyed that silliness you simply can't miss The Naked Robot by Mimi K.
Oh, to have been the lucky soul to buy that wonderful doll..

PS You better head over to Knit Sonya's Blog for the Juiciest Give Away Ever... but be prepared to bare your crafty soul.

PPS Come and sew with me if you wanna: I am teaching a reversible wrap skirt class at Luminous Threads this Saturday.. It is a two Saturday Class: pattern drawing and cutting this week and sewing next week.. Very limited seating but call Amber ( 831-335-2621) if you want to sew one up for yourself.


Sonya said...

Oh, its juicy all right! Not as juicy as that little nekkid gnome. I never knew they would have this kind of effect one me. Who knew? Thanks for the mention. I coveted Mimi's naked robot guy. Those snap nipples were the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love gnomes...I wonder why I get more of a kick out of his wee gnaval dent than his other...part?

Anonymous said...

Blah! (That was suppose to be a burst of laughter...but I couldn't think of how to write it.) Soooo funny! Love it! You're a crack up!

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