Monday, December 03, 2007

Silly Hat Day and My Bases are Covered...

This is what would have posted for Fashion Friday:

It is our tradition the last weekend Before Thanksgiving to have a "Sisters in The City" day.
We shop, have a lovely lunch with glasses of prosecco, drink fancy coffees and occasionally actually get Holiday Stuff off our to do lists.
Since my holiday is of the Handmade variety, I had lots of time for getting goofy this year.
My sis Lassen is 11 years younger and easily led astray.
Just ask her.

Do you think Gap will hire us as models?

Fantastic Tradition.. One of my favorites of the year.

Made it Myself Monday:
I asked my niece to try on the hat I made for my other niece ..
It is clear the modeling gene has not skipped a generation. Dang the low light and this blurry shot.. Her pose is clearly "America's Next Top Model" worthy.

Oh, The Glamour! Oh, The Sass!


futuregirl said...

She is *working* that hat! Such a cutie!

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Doctor Zhivago ... where are you???

So cute and fluffy!.. I had one just like the white one when I was little but it had a chin tie with fuzzy bunny pom poms on the end...verrrry chic!


Oh.. p.s I am having a drawing over on my blog.. come play!

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