Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday: Bubble Stuff (and other handmade basket stuffin's)

There are tons of recipes out there
.. Take your pick based on what you can get your hands on.

I made a Joy solution and a Dawn Solution. They seem to work pretty much equally right now, but the Dawn is a smidgen more reliable... and may really be superior by tomorrow.

I made my "wands" from clean bamboo garden stakes, cut to size.

Mine are 15 inches.
I used a heavy wire to make an egg shape at the top. I think a copper wire would work the very best, but I used what I had. The wire was about a foot long twisted lightly together then inserted in the bamboo. For security I hot glued in place.

Then added some festive embellishment.

I am going to let the solution sit out open overnight... and then bottle it, in a recycled jar or 3. I made a gallon and a half, having a full fledged Bill Nye The Science Guy Empiricist Moment

Mix your bubble stuff up tonight. Don't wait.
It gets better with age.

But even the same day test bubbles came out Huge and Colorful.

Other good "kid consumables" tutorials that make for excellent stuffins'
Most require a mere hour or two of your time...

make your own sidewalk chalk
make your own playdough
make cute pompom animals
make earrings
make barrettes
make t shirts
make ipod cozies

Just one goodie a day and your basket is overflowing... with Hand Made goodness.
Your Easter is not brought to you courtesy of some poor kid in a third world country...
And no serious contribution to the landfills in a week or two.

I'm just sayin'... you can do this... and it's fun.


Amy said...

i love the bubble wands. very festive. thanks for all the links. we will have to try a few.

Green Kitchen said...

They're really beautiful.

sulu-design said...

Boy, oh boy! You're a wealth of crafty knowledge. Great ideas, bitter one.

Anonymous said...

You are really rockin' the blog lately! It's wonderful. Thanks for the easter inspiration--I have some bamboo sticks languishing in the backyard right now.

Mary-Laure said...

Bubbles, bubbles! Can they fail to make us smile?

Scarlet Tanager said...

I love your beautiful wands! What a great idea.

I planned on making chocolate bunnies but pimped a couple instead and now can focus on crafts. Thanks for the great ideas!

Heidi Ann said...

Loving the bubble wands and bubble pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a great project for the warm weather coming soon...I hope. :)

Very nice!

Sarah and Jack said...

Jack is in love with bubbles right now. I was going to pick some up for him, but am out of time. Now? No worries, I know I can make my own!

Kristy said...

Some great ideas there.Thanks for the inspiration!

kristin said...

Peanut will love these, it's going right on my to-do list...should spring EVER arrive here, these will be perfect. love all your crafty embellishments too.

Catherine said...

Thank you for saying they get better with age. I'm gonna mix some up tomorrow night for my camping trip next week!!!! What's a road trip without bubbles? Nuthin.

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