Monday, March 03, 2008

When Spring Cuts Loose At Bitter Betty Industries

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Handmade spring bag with vintage crewelwork rescued from goodwill..

The Shop Update will now be happening in 3 sessions.. There will indeed be a "build your own basket" option.. ( thanks for your feedback on that one.) It will be baskets that are good for any age (well, over 6, really) but aimed at the crafty set.. and largely, the girly set. But if you crave a Bitter Betty Basket for Boys, email me and I will work with you to make it fantastic.

I will be offering 3 baskets Large Medium and Small: Large will have 5 items, Medium 4, Small 3.

The items to select from will be 1-2 from Pink Pompom sheep, Felted Bird, stuffed or felted bunny ( Yet TBD) , Fancy Earring Box or Deluxe Goose Egg Kit

and 2-3 from:
Vintage Glitter Tag kit, Fancy Paper pack, yummy chocolate candy in a fancy package, the really good soap bubbles with pretty new label, Mix CD,chocolate bunny, fancy fairy crown, or pompom chick.

And if you want a smaller basket, or less, or more, or just some stuffin's I will gladly do some serious customization and get it into the shop with your name on it. Just email or Convo me..
I am Notoriously Easy and Eager to Please. ( Please do not confirm this with Mr. Bitter as he is highly unreliable as a source of info... on this particular point..)

Session Number One is now up and running!
Owl Shop tomorrow ....
and Build a Basket by the end of the week.


Heidi Ann said...

Wish I had some money to spend, because I am seriously loving that bird bag. 'Tis such a crewel world!

barefoot gardener said...

No way, Heidi Ann! I am working on a deal with the devil...maybe my soul will be worth enough to get that bag. I sooooo love it!

Shoot, just got an email from the big D, evidently my soul isn't worth what I thought it was.

Maybe if I sell my hair?

Maddie Kertay- The Domestic Anarchist said...

Love the bag with the birds.. I so often find 1/2 done needle projects at the thrift...what a wonderful way to showcase them!


Anonymous said...

such gorgeous stuff! I love everything, you are so clever! :o)

Mary-Laure said...

I love everything! But as I love Japanese culture, I have to say that obi is especially tempting - also, my belly is very sensitive to the cold, and with low rise jeans and all, I've become an obi-wearer...

sulu-design said...

Eek! In the amount of time that it took me to head to your etsy shop and make that cute bag a favorite, it sold! Yay for a wonderful spring shop update!

Kathi D said...

That Utilobi is the BOMB!

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