Sunday, May 11, 2008

For My Mom

Happy Mother's Day.

Where I'm From.

I am from the hand-me-down, green bell bottoms, Sears catalog school shopping and shelves lined with children's books.

I am from the house in the woods , rough hewn, modern, full of windows.

I am from the homegrown tomato, shooting star, granite boulder, the sugar pine tree, monkey flower, lake.

I am from get your hands dirty, creative and not quite graceful, from Anna and Gary and Ruth.

I am from the well read and curious.

From the santa claus, easter bunny, tooth fairy, wizard of oz and from being clever, exceptional, funny and hard to live with.

I am from the understanding that god is everywhere, in everything and everyone. Including you and me and that rock and your cat. From it's your job to be good, and take care of the world you live in. pick up trash and recycle.

I'm from Los Angeles, Ohio, brownies and blackberry jam.

From the Christmas presents that disappear if you look at them too soon and my sister covering her eyes all through breakfast, from the year my other sister spent in Sweden and the long distance call that made her feel even further away: talk- delay -talk -delay.

I am from being on my own at 17 . From a real dad who wasn't really real at all, and a step dad who made up for everything.

I am from the library of congress, blue ribbon quilts, newspaper clippings of theater productions, handmade rag dolls, campfire songs, faded Polaroid pictures, crocheted baby clothes, homemade outfits and pyrex pie plates. These things that are priceless and worth nothing without the history they represent. our history.

This poem was made using this template.

I am using it to say to my mom, I am proud of where I'm from.
I love you, Mom.


Anonymous said...

Where you went with all that...
are going with it...
are with it...
always blows my mind.

I love, honor, and thank you,


Blaize said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Bethany. And to your mom.

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, Bethany, that was just beautiful - and a lot of it reminded me of my own roots. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom.

Anonymous said...

This was so beautiful! (your mama's comment, too)

Thanks for the link to it. I created my own, which I emailed to my mom minutes ago. I'll post it on my blog tomorrow morning. Thank you for posting!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Lovely, and engaging. I am glad you shared this.

Anonymous said...

As usual, Mom says it best. I won't attempt to follow either of you in literariness (Is that a word? Probably not.). I love you, Bethany.


cookie said...

that is so touching!
loving your blog!
and that wrap dress earlier,wow.
wonder if i can find the pattern for that??

kelly said...

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Thank you for sharing!

goosefairy said...

wow. it's no wonder you're so talented coming from parents like that!

Kai said...

You are such an interesting, talented human being! I enjoy reading your blog and look forward each time to your posts! Loved the poem!

Natalie said...

Thank you for sharing your words as well as your art.
Happy Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

That was very nice for all of us to read.

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine a better mother's day gift, nor a better way to share all kinds of the best of yourself with us. What I love about this template and this project is that in the hands of each writer, there's nothing uniform nor predictable about the outcome. Amazing job you've done here -- thank you thank you thank you.

George Ella Lyon said...

What a wonderful poem--and how lucky your mom is that you wrote it for her!

I'm the author of the original "Where I'm From" poem, and it's so amazing to see where folks have gone with it. You can hear me read the poem at

Happy writing!

George Ella Lyon

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