Friday, August 15, 2008

Blogger Play Date

( My apologies to anyone who has experienced any bad multipost weirdness. I am really out of practice, I guess.)

While I was off at my mom's with my night walkin' neighbor (we walk every night after she gets her sweet passel o' kiddies to bed..), I got this exciting email.

"We Are On Our Way!"

One of the sweetest bloggers I know was coming to my extended neck of the woods. And she was bringing another favorite blogger, and meeting up with another-nother favorite blogger. So I grabbed my most local favorite blogger and we had a Play Date.

Okay: Sonya's House. My son is ready to bail out on me and move in there.
"Mom, I really want to collect stuff. She has the coolest stuff. This is the coolest house."

"You know that tea we had at Sonya's?
Can we get that kind? It was really good."
"Mom, I need to make some art."

Sonya. Seriously. You are sooooo cool.

And Jen came with her obsession and shared it with Jacob. She let him take a pic with her precious Polaroid. She totally told him all about it. He ate it up.

Guess what he's getting for his birthday? Yup. Found one at the thrift store on Tuesday. Jen starts my photographer off on another new form.
Jen, You are so inspirational!

And my favorite moment was upon the arrival of Jen and Kristin,

Adorable "peanut" decided to try and be Shy for awhile, which meant that before we even said hello my arms were full of excellent baby-deliciousness. And it made it all perfect. That weird cool thing where the people that you feel like are friends and kindred spirits from blogging...Well, they ARE.
And then there they are in the huggable flesh.
Kristin is so fantastic and so just like I knew she would be.
Kristin, thanks for showing up in my neck of the woods and bringing baby hugs!

And on the way home what should appear over the road ahead?

What a fantastic day! We should do it more often!


Anonymous said...

Oh sounds like fun - I'd love to meet some of the bloggers behind the blogs I read - you included!

kristin said...

i have goose-bumps!!! yes! we REALLY should do it more often.

i felt just like your boy in Sonya's house...totally inspired. and i love how he just willingly gave all the little ones the attention they were begging from about that wish-bone photo of him? looks like there was not enough of him to go around!!! :)

you can't even imagine how sosososo happy you and Michelle made me that you came...and it was funny, i barely said hello and threw my baby at you...must have been odd as you had never even seen my face before, but as I have seen yours on MANY occasions, it felt like, "Oh...there's Bethany to save the day" as my four-year-old had a huge case of the cling-ons.

my one felt like so little time. i hope we can meet on another occassion. thanks again for the're such an angel. xxxx

(oh, and how much do i love that rainbow shot? alot!!!)

Teena Vallerine said...

OH what a very special day! You lucky things. We all want to go to Sonya's house now - but happily you have sent us to her blog instead!! Kind Betty! xx

futuregirl said...

Oh, man! What a wonderful recount of the day. It's almost like we're all there with you guys! :) I just love how awesome your son is to get so excited by art and creativity. You're raising one helluva kid. :)

jen v said...

oh i love this post. everything about it. i had so much fun getting to know you! i wish we were closer. Oh and jacob, well he's just a guy after my own heart. i love that you found a polaroid for him. he is truly an amazing kid. good job mama. thanks again for making the drive and for all of the goodies you shared.

Lisa said...

O, it looks like you all had so much fun! Nothing better then being able to get together with grown up friends while the kids are having fun with friends at the same time!

Then the did you plan that?

Sonya said...

First - you are soooooo cool. Second - Jacob can come and stay ANY time. He can counter the sour/surly of my teenager who seems to take my coolness for granted at this point in his life. We should go on scavenging expeditions, photography expeditions AND YES! Do it more often. It was such a wonderful day. Having you guys come was like a ray of sunshine.

DeeDee said...

This totally inspires me to start planning a get together for my bloggie friends. TFS your pics and story. Sounds like your son was a treat to everyone.

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I see in your faces that you have so much fun in your place.

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