Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gourd Getting and Thanks on Thursday!

Just a Big Thanks to my blog friend Cassi for featuring my Gourd house on The Crafty Crow !
And to all the nice new folks stopping by from there.

Just wanted to post a link on where to get those great gourds:
Wellburn Gourd Farm sells them in big bunches,
Amish Gourds are more expensive but you can buy one at a time.
This one is 5 inches across but only the tiny peg ladies fit inside.

A bigger Kettle Gourd could house multiple sized dolls, and that would be sooo sweet.

If you like these little play sets but don't feel crafty, I can make you a doll house to order. Just email me.
Or if you'd like to see a step by step tutorial, leave a comment.. I will order more gourds and put one together as quick as I can!

Thanks everyone. Lately I can use all the encouragement I can get!


Unknown said...

tutorial, tutorial!!

claire said...

Oh, I think a tutorial would be lovely as well. I would love to link to that!

Melissa said...

I'd LOVE to see a step by step tutorial!!! I'm definitly making one of these for my daughter and maybe my niece. I'm having visions of a whole town of gourd houses...

Anonymous said...

This is so precious! I have the general idea from the pics, but I would love a tutorial as well... My 3 and 5 year olds would LOVE to do this project with me as we all love tiny little things!

katrissa @ litewire . net

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