Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hallowweeeeeen Party.

The Party Already?

Well, I did consult
the Housewives Tarot....

and things are looking spooky.

But I'm still altering the altars.

Carving the Pumpkins,

Working in the lab.

So feel free to look around,

but keep coming back, because,
I plan to attend this party all week long.

Today's treat:

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin-Eater Madelines

Prepare your favorite pumpkin muffin mix,
according to the directions on the box.
(or make it from scratch, if you must...)

Butter Madeline tin and fill each half full.
Bake a 375 for 7-10 minutes.
like magic. madelines.

Make Sure You visit A Fanciful Twist to see the whole list of Revellers.


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, very spooktacular party!!!! Nice to meet you!~

grab a witch's broom and fly on over to my blog and enter my giveaway!!!

Happy halloween

Natalia said...

Oh, I haven't had madelines in forever.

I fly away with a longing deep in my...tummy!

Thanks for having me :)

Anonymous said...

ooo that looks so wonderful !!!

are you going to do anything with the test tubes cause you could put like sprite in there and then food coloring
maybe some dry ice to make the smog effect

just an idea ^_^

hope your doing well today <3

Anonymous said...

thats probably and most likely what it is from
also getting used to the cold weather again i've been living in hawaii for the past two years so the wonderful beautiful cold weather of home in california i'm not used to anymore lol
and ah i thought you could knit

i bet you'd be amazing at it
just like you are with everything else

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

we had a SPOOKTACULAR time!
what a fabulous bunch of BOOTIFUL creations...
stop over at our party too!
Sleepy Hollow Craft Company

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

lol - altering altars!!! That's great! Lovely post. Our blogs match!

♥ visit me at ♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this party. Well done!!!

I am marking you for later so I can read it all! Those lace crowns are amazing!

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

OOOH! Those eyeballs are SCARY! C'mon over...we're having a party too! :o)

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

Happy Halloween and I love your tutorial on the golden crowns... looks like my dolls will be getting some royal treatment soon.


Shell said...

The madelines look yummy. Happy Halloween Party.

jewelstreet said...

Ooh, a recipe! Yummy!

That picture under the altars part is a little spooky. :)

Tara said...

Great Party, I'll be back during the week for more! I love the idea of pumpkin Madelines!

Leah said...

oooo wonderful party! Be sure to fly on over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway! Happy Halloween!! :)

AwtemNymf said...

I'm Blog Hopping from Vanessa's "A Fanciful Twist" Party <{:O)
Stop by my place too... I'm having a couple of give-aways!
Have a bootiful day!
Be Enchanted!

Amy Gethins Sullivan said...

Very Spooky~Fun~
Anything "Doctorry~or~labby"
Creeps me out~

Unknown said...

Wonderful and ghoulish delights for a Halloween treat. Happy Halloween, Karen

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, I must be honest . . . I snooped around and took some sushi cake too - hope that's okay - it was my kind of sushi! What a lovely party and blog. I have added you to my favorite spots. Thank you for visiting my little place too - it was nice to meet you. Have you visited Linda Crispell's site? The three of us all like Red Shoes (but who doesn't?) and Linda's blog is right up your alley I think, maybe more than mine, more Red Shoes that my abilities. I go to both sites everyday - anyway, yours reminded me of theirs. Thanks again! Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

Hey!! Love your blog! What fun these parties are!! I'm blog hopping tonight to see all the Halloweeny fun!! I hope you visit me too!
Happy Halloween!!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous, love the tarot cards!
Happy Halloween!

Swirly Designs said...

Nice& spooky images!
Swirly Designs

Unknown said...

Love the lab! Spooooky.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and I am glad I came to visit. Please have a wonderful Halloween.

Natalie said...

Cute post. I dig your lab. Pumpkin anything is yummmy in my book. I am going to try your madelines.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm - those madelines look yummy. I'll try to stop back by to see what else you cook up. I'm dropping by from Vanessa's party, hope you'll come by and have a cupcake with me!

Witchy Blessings,

scrappin{jewlz} said...

Thanks for the recipe!

have a happy halloween!

Linda Summerfield said...

Pumpkin flavored Madelines, I applaud your fabulosity!!! A million thanks for your lace crown tutorial, I shall make these for Christmas.

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the wickedly wonderful Halloween post - those photo's are to die for! & thanks for the Cheater, Cheater recipe! said...

Ooo the housesives tarot!! And treats, but not just today, for a whole week!! oh you are the Haunted Goddess Extraordinare!!! Cackle Cackle!!

Salinda said...

Yummy Yummy Cookies!

Happy Halloween!

Betty said...

Those cookies looks yummy! I love virtual cookies. No calories! Happy Hallow E'en!

LiLi M. said...

Mmm I'll take another Madeline (why bake them myself if you are having a whole plate here in front of me???). Nice to meet you (ok sorry I should have eaten first). Are you a witch? If you want to find out, just fly eh come to my blog. Happy Halloween!

Altered Route said...

Sorry so late to visit...I traveled Vanessa's list from the bottom up this time.
Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

That is one fierce looking jackolantern!! Those pumpkin madelines are so yummy looking!! Great blog!! Thanks for visiting moi!!

Ann-Denise Anderson said...

A little late, but I made it! I love it and Beautiful blog, Happy Halloween!

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