Friday, January 02, 2009

The Holidays Were A Happy Blur

So how were your holidays?

Mine flew by.. I had my computer with me on the road and was all delusional that there would be all this down time for posting and reading and sending my bloggy love out to all my friends around the world....
Right! Ha!

There was too much fudge to eat, gifts to exchange, hugging and kissing to squeeze in. Then it was time for eating. Nieces and Nephews to tickle and tease. Then I needed to eat again. Moms and Dads to catch up with, and eat with... all that good stuff.

Today I am filling up my 2009 calendar, rescuing my pup from the kennel, (he seemed to have abandonment issues...wouldn't look at me when I came to get him...then puked all over the rug when he got home.) and washing the clothes right out of the suitcases. Phew!

I am pleased to report that I made about 30 handmade gifts this year (batches of canned goods counting as one per variety)... And purchased only 5 new items that weren't books. And there were 5 of those, all bought at local independent booksellers... because I do feel compelled to support the industries that employ my friends and family members.

Like most house wiffey moms, I guess my real New Year will start on Monday. Then I do my traditional closet cleaning. This time with a twist. Giddy-up.

Hibiscus, Dear: For Needlefelting you must use roving... much cheaper than yarn. Try it, you'll like it!
Dot: I use Speedball stuff for my silkscreening. They do have a beginner's kit ( I bet Dick Blick carries it), and the Make Blog has a great video about silkscreening featuring the rather attractive Bre Pettis and Matt from Etsy. They have cool gear that isn't really necessary. We had best luck getting a local screen shop 'burning' the screen for us. We provided the art ( solid black on a transparency and the screen. We had a friend there, so we got it free... but I think the charge would be nominal if you called ahead and provided the stuff all ready to go. (Hmmm.. I guess a little tutorial with our home equiptment would be helpful....)


Mary-Laure said...

At last, a new post from the sweet and bitter one!
I hope you took pics of the presents you made before giving them away...?

ittybittyandpretty said...

i was just thinking of you the other day and checked your blog to make sure my blog follower was working. cant wait to see you closet cleaning with a twist, mine starts monday as my little one will be out of my hair! happy new year. %*_*% rosey

Anonymous said...

happy holidays and happy new year darling!!!

thank you for the ps note in the post btw
sounds like you ahd a wonderful holiday season
and as for the roving I found myself a perfect present
I think I posted something about it
oh ya i did
its the one called I just got really excited
i think lol
but ya
i'm so excited for it to come and so I can start making my little friends ^_^
I have so many projects to start working on and posting and i can't wait to see what you thing
i'm working on a monkey right now for a co worker thats expecting in 5 months ^_^
again happy new year

Anonymous said...

hahah i just realized i sent you to the totally wrong blog
theres the website to what i bought
i'm so excited its the perfect starter kit

Dot said...

thanks for the PS!

I love the video... too funny :)

futuregirl said...

Happy New Year, Bethany. I sat crafting in the glow of my devilishly wonderful candle tonight thinking of you. Big hugs!

Angelina said...

I'm so happy you had such a great holiday! Good work on the home made gifts.

Can't wait to see what's coming next.

Sonya said...

You are the Handmade Holiday Goddess and I prostrate myself before you, humbled. I, cheated terribly by outsourcing (hello, Pedro). Happy New Year Bethany!

Anonymous said...

At last! A new post! I found your blog to be so inspiring over the last motivated me and I made almost all of the gifts this year too.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

My Holidays were busy, I had my second son on the 24th of November and then with Sinta Klaus (Belgian holiday on the 6th Dec) then Christmas it has been very exciting. The low point was lots of sickness with us all being ill through most of December.

I also made lots of handmade pressies, hampers for the parents and tissue holders and bags for my sisters and friends.

oh, and thanks for the reminder, must fill me calender too!

Glad your holidays were fab!

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