Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Where Ya Been Betty? Saturday

Man... Where do I start. I have been everywhere and up to everything.

Last I checked in here you saw me scrubbing my ceilings. That was fun and productive and all that goody goodness. It was all part of a grand effort that went far beyond a mere spit and polish!

Later that weekend, I retired to Indian Springs in Calistoga to do a little Spa-ah down time with a lovely group of ladies.

Spa Ladies
( Polaroid Land Camera Photo. Kristen Jones Photographer)

I think this is the 7th year ( 6th for me) that this annual get away has happened. This year we took a bike tour of the local wineries to boot.

Bike portrait with basket damage
( Polaroid Land Camera Photo)

Fine Winery
( Polaroid Land Camera Photo)

That was a kick and improved the experience of soaking in the geyser heated waters of tranquility.
Indian Springs Pool
( Polaroid Land Camera Photo)

It was also the perfect time to show off some great New Vintage Wardrobe creations... and I will hopefully have them for the blog very shortly.

I threw a tiny but festive 42nd Birthday dinner for my Mister.

Over the last couple of months we kicked it into high gear on the fix up/clean up front to get ready for our families to gather for Jake's Middle School Graduation. (High School next year???... gulp.) He has now officially survived 3 of the most universally acknowledged as harrowing years of the human experience. I want to thank all of our loving family members who came to celebrate. We love you all, so much.

the Graduate

I'm working on gathering some before and after pics of the many little home improvement projects we took on, but my computer is acting like a neglected boyfriend and is acting out. Falling asleep in the middle of my projects, etc. Perhaps it needs a trip to the computer spa.

Anyway, for those of you who have been leaving comments and asking questions and checking in, I send my smooches and gratitude and I will be getting to the aging pile of emails as well.

Phew.. Well here's to summer! I hope it's a gem!

Here's to Splashing in your Sprinkler,


Anonymous said...

well glad to have you back and can't wait to see what you've been up to
i just dipped my toes into my new sewing machine today and i'm already wanting to go out and buy fabric so i can start projects i've been bookmarking since i got the sewing machine back in january but i haven't been able to or had a place to set it up until today ^_^

ahhh so excited
and aww don't worry he seems like a good kid so i'm sure he'll do fine in high school :)
and you! you lucky lucky girl i love calistoga i've been craving some kind of water or area like that that i can venture off too in las vegas still searching

anyway glad to see your back and doing well
much love

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about you this morning, so I'm glad to see a post. Calistoga sounds like fun/ reminds me of home (did you know I grew up in Napa?)

I look forward to seeing those new projects!

PamKittyMorning said...

Congrats Jake!

Anonymous said...

Well, summer is coming, and I say, feature the new graduate's work occasionally, too! It inspires both me and my kiddos.

MissesStitches said...

Glad to hear from you, Bethany! Wondered where you were--glad to hear it was some place l-o-v-e-l-y (spa). From an empty-nester, graduating from middle school is fabulous. It only gets better (in my estimation) as they get older.

Unknown said...

My two just finished high school, and show no signs of ever leaving. LOL It does get better. Each year I thought "this is it- this is my favorite age". Then the next year would roll around and be even better. I think the evolution of our children is wonderfully startling, courageous, and gorgeous. Yours looks brilliant, and he has your genes, so I'm thinking he will be his own person and have his fair share of uphill climbs, but man- those vistas!!!
Glad you got to have your spa time. I came back a lot to see if you had written anything. The picture of you up on the step ladder became etched in my mind. Nice to see new stuff to chuckle over!

s.i. michaels said...

Those bikes look divine and the winery tour sounds like heaven. & how cute is your kid? He looks far too happy to be a teenager already!

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