Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thrift Thursday: Random Bits and My First Summer Book

The thrift store is still yielding little treasures.

I found an owl and a stamped aluminum bowl with nice detail. I Love that the owl is standing on some books. I should make him my summer reading program mascot.

I found exciting vintage sequins with excellent patina. About a 1/2 cup for a dollar.

And I found a worn old library copy of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park with vellum covered illustrations. I enjoyed it very much but thought it ended more abruptly than her others.
First book in my summer reading program all done and it's not yet summer.

Next book is vintage 1994 David Sedaris short stories. Yeah! Kind of the other end of the comic book spectrum from Miss Austen.

Well I'm off to pick up a carload of boys from the summer theatre program and to find out if Jacob got his dream role as the non-singing butler in The Sound of Music.

Cross your fingers folks! If they make him stretch and cast him as Rolf... he will be inconsolable.

Oh and a big thanks to Craftzine and to Fairie's Gate for featuring some Betty. It get's harder and harder to stay bitter here in blogland!


sulu-design said...

After my first summer book had me in tears for an evening, I decided that some David Sedaris was in order to get me in the right mood for the season. He always does the trick!

Alice said...

oooh I just wish our local charity shops had more than someone else's old underwear and broken toys! I love the sequins. xxx

Carla said...

Mansfield Park had already gone on to inordinate lengths, with Fanny appropriately submissive and weepy throughout. Probably Jane got just tired of her like everyone else is about to do if she doesn't end the thing soon. I can never decide if I really like her or not but I sure don't like most of the rest of the cast in that one.

I would love to pour over your illustrated copy. Any hint who the illustrator is?

kirsten schueler said...

i need to get some davis sedaris from the library, i could use some humor at the end of the day...

Jennifer said...

OK -- so -- Rolf, or butler?

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