Friday, August 07, 2009

Fashion Friday: Burda One Day-Day Dress: Green Edition

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Here is a sweet green shift I made from Burda. Vintage fabric with green peacocks has made this little dress one that has come out of the closet time and again this summer. It's green and green becase all the supplies used were thrifted by me and my talented thrift fairy step-mother, Diana.

I think my favorite thing about this shift is the neckline in the back which is kind of a sexy little surprise.

The Burda magazine patterns are very simplistic but pretty wearable. They are also fairly easy to alter, which is good because they seem to be naturally on the boxy side.
Using the vintage fabric, this really seems to fit with the New Vintage Wardrobe stuff... But being a modern pattern it doesn't quite qualify as NVW.

I have several other summer garments to share... And I better do it quickly too because I am already itching to make new yummy stuff for fall.

What are you guys going to make?

Comically Yours,


Anonymous said...

That color/print looks great on you! I do like the back as well! I've barely had a chance to get started on my summer sewing and fall is just around the corner.

Sylvie said...

I LOVE the back!!

Sara said...

Fab dress, Betty!

Shelley Noble said...

You've got more style and brilliant humor than 10 above-average woman. Lord. You rock.

Anonymous said...


Quinn said...


Now, who's the gentleman with the cone?

Heidi Ann said...

As usual - another lovely creation!

Becky said...

Whoa! I have some of that fabric too!!! My neighbor gave it to me from her great Aunt's estate! I made a bag for her, her Mom and to sell on etsy. Still have plenty left for a skirt for me.

I do love your dress!!!!

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