Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thrift Thursday: Road Trip and Local Thrift

The Thrift Haul this week comes from the Gualala Pay and Take, and my own local fave, The Abbott's. Total spent? $12.50. A steal!!! A farmers market shopping basket, metal film canisters, sewing anvil, great huge length of vintage blue lace on the bolt, vintage Artware fabric and resin bowl and enough old ribbon for all the holiday presents this year.

Are you kidding me? This is pure gold! Is it just me or did folks in the "olden days" have more fun that we did? There is a Night Sledding Photo lighting how to in here. And sing along after flippin' sing along! The kids and the dogs are adorable!!!

I sense a vintage photo tutorial coming on.

Picture Me Yours,


iamerica said...

You are on a posting roll! I can't wait for your book and ol' fashioned photo tutorial! Love you to pieces from afar and still hoping for a coffee date someday...

Fulvia said...

Man, I would love that point presser, the 'sewing anvil,' as you called it. [I had inserted a 'grin' here but blogger is rejecting it, sorry]

I thought you were telling us you cut your bangs in that last shot ... looking good.

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