Thursday, December 03, 2009

Good Intentions Mean Nothing If You Don't Post.

It's kind of crazy how much I'm thinking about blogging when I'm not doing it. Everyday I get started on some project and I let myself get carried away because I want it to be good enough to blog about.

That is one thing I really like about blogging. I think it makes me take extra steps to get things the way I want to see them. But sometimes those extra steps are just what bogs you (meaning  me) down and the project goes for some time... semi finished and in the way.

Well, anyway, that is what has been going on around here. I keep meaning to post Grand Tutorials for Projects of Great Importance... and finding myself not up to the Challenge. (The early dark is really bad for photography too, is also on my blog absentee excuse list.)

it kind of looks real, in a papery kind of way

So, Today I share: My Crepe Paper Amaryllis. This is my first from-scratch /self-designed crepe paper flower, that I made with techniques  I learned At The Castle In The Air  in Berkeley (4th Street) at a class taught by Anadamai Arnold and Aimee Baldwin. (It was what I did with my sisters in lieu of a Birthday Bash. Guinness Milkshakes afterward, an excellent night to be sure!)

These babies aren't just flamboyant holiday decoration, they solve an ongoing problem. The spot where they are placed can't support real plants. They All Die There. And I have other plants that survive so, it's not  me. Not 'mostly me', in any case.

So all that said,  I have some lovely tutorials to post as soon as I finish them up. Trees Made from Books, My World Famous Biscotti,  Houses Made Of Sugar, and How to Glorify Rescued Ribbons...And How to Trap Tiny Humans In Christmas Ornaments.

Hmmm, I better go get something Finished.

Crammed To The Brim With Holiday Spirit,

PS: Did you find the Snow Baby Box Tutorial at the Castle Blog? Another item on the Crafty To Do List.

PPS: I HAVE been staying on top of the wrapping. and I simply couldn't be more full of myself about it.


Jennifer said...

Love the update and all you've got goin' on. You've been inspiring me and making me think all kinds of great advent-y thoughts while I imagine the things you've got cooking. Cheers to you (and I'd like to make that toast with a Guinness Milkshake...).

Anonymous said...

The flower is amazing - great job!

Shelley Noble said...

Total Tromped my L'oil! You Angel! This tutorial will be a huge hit!

Castle in the Air said...

Wow - you are an inspiration. Staying on top of the gift wrap?!!
I love the blog!


MissesStitches said...

I can't wait for these tutorials, Bethany!

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