Saturday, January 16, 2010

Will you be Mine?

I want to get and send some Extra Valentines this year.

I am too chicken to organize a whole crazy swap-thing but I thought...I would like to make and send out
say 10 cards and hopefully get 10 cards back. I might be able to be talked into making a button and starting a little Flickr Group for WIP pics and Thank You pics... But I Want This To Be Nice and Simple.
No packages. Just cards. Handmade or Hand-embellished, either way.

To clarify I'm looking for several people (up to 10) who just want to make me a card and get a card from me. The offer to do the button and the flickr was only to share the joy with anyone else who wants to gather up other Valentine Exchange partners of their own.

What do you think? Anyone?
Leave me a comment and make sure I can get in touch with you if you want to exchange.


Jennifer said...

So are you saying that you'd like to exchange valentine's with 10 people -- so I'd send you a card and you'd send me one? (I'm sorry -- I'm tired and this is probably obvious to everyone but me but I want to understand). Anyhoo, the simple thing sounds lovely so count me in if I've got it right.

Plus, lovingly, I'm checking in since it's mid-January to see how you're doing with any Christmas list-making or planning or whatever you choose, ala my guilt-free Christmas Club scheme.

Shelley Noble said...

You are my heart's valentine. Just not with an actual handmade card and the time it would take to make one. Unless I am possessed by a valentine card fevah!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

Dear Jennifer,
Yes, It's a straight across Valentine "I make you one, You make Me one"... and if you want you can post for a few more people to exchange with on your own blog... But I can't coordinate more that my own little list.
so you are my number 1!

I have a notebook.
I made my rough list. I made a tentative blog strategy.
I am moving my tear pages into it and I will start crafting Next Month.

You are the wind beneath My Wings..
( yes, I am Cheesy like Fondue.)

xxoo, B

Dear Shelley,

Just knowing you are out there is enough. Besides... I would be a little worried that you would engineer the card to do something crazy spectacular, and then I might worry mine was inadequate. (Even though I know you would never do anything intentionally to make me feel like that.)

xxoo, B

Heidi Ann said...

Hmmm... this sounds appealing. I know I can handle making a Valentine to send to you, and I would love receiving one in return. Not sure I could handle doing ten - I'm not sure if I am understanding correctly, though.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I want to be cheesy like fondue.
And I want to give and receive a Valentine... it's been way too long.
So, if there is room, may I please send a Valentine?

Stickyknitter said...

oooo!!!! I want to join, can I please please please!??!

Anonymous said...

I'm in! email is brigid(dot)ftw(at)gmail(dot)com.

I can hardly wait to make you something beautiful, and receive something in return. St Valentine's Day is woefully neglected among adults.


Pixelschaf said...

I want to join! And I would be soooo happy to get a Valentine's Day Card! Hmmmmm, may I should go to make yours ready for take off! =D

KatB said...

I'd like to participate, too! I've got some lace and construction paper!

I'm doing a journal swap on another site, too. I just love seeing people in the bloggy world popping out to say "Hi" in the real life one. :)

Frenchi said...

I would love to participate! carmelafrenchi(at)gmail(dot)com. I have been eyeing those pretty pink stamp pads...

Gwen said...

Would love to do this, Miss Betty!


laura capello said...

i am all over simple! and i need to push my creative chops.

(my password is woree - which i am naturally pronouncing "whore". happy sunday!)

kristin said...

by the looks of it, i think i may be number ten...i'd love to swap a valentine with you my dear. xx

Ulla said...

Darn, I think I'm past the limit, but it you need another - I'd love to be part of your swap too...

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